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May 5, 2010

This is my update of what happened yesterday

Yesterday was Tuesday as you probably know. I was able to spend a few hours tutoring a friend on the finer points of how to use Photoshop. Overall that was very successful, i was able to explain tools & processes and he was able to reiterate back to me in his own words what i just said, proving that it made sense. This also was a good experience for me to know that in the future i could offer services as a tutor. This has gone down on my long list of: Possible Ways to Make Money

May 3, 2010

First Day of the First Full Week

Monday was a product first day:
- Went to the gym for the first time in about a year. I was shocked at how busy it was at 9am but thinned out by 10. I figure i'll go at various time to see which options are the best.

- Did the dishes when I realized i need a clean coffee pot and there were dishes in my way. Plus, i had the realization i had nothing more urgent to do than clean the kitchen.

- Figured out exactly what i'm eligible to do or not do while collecting unemployment. I'm encouraged that they allow you to earn some income and still collect (of course there are rules about how much i can collect etc.). I was further encouraged when i talked to a woman who recently was on unemployment and how easy it was to go to a building to talk to real people about training classes, resume reviews and more. 

Yea for productivity!

January 26, 2009


For the past 10 years Starbucks has a played a part in my life. A majority of those years it was a place for me to study and then in the past few years a place to grab my coffee before work. My drink of choice: Grande Vanilla Soy Latte

Everything changed last week. I'm not really sure what i'm going to do about it.

Wednesday i got my usual drink. It tasted different. I thought maybe someone had used the sugar free vanilla by mistake or maybe the syrup changed and it's now French Vanilla. The latte was had an odd buttery undertone. It was drinkable but only ok.

Thursday i ordered it again, same location. I asked, "Has the vanilla syrup changed?". The Barista awkwardly says "no". I go on and explain that my drink tasted different but that i'll go ahead and try it again today, Grande vanilla soy latte. The Barista perks up, "oh we've changed the soy we use!". Ooooh, of course!

Here is the irony, i'm not sure if it taste only ok because it's different or it only taste ok because it really just taste bad. They use to serve Silk brand soy, most people who don't normally have soy, thought it was nasty stuff. I'll agree that once it got cold, don't touch it with a 10 foot poll. The fact that the new soy has a buttery taste may allow for a larger audience. BUT my dilemma is, do i want to keep drinking it, do i want to get use to the new taste or here's a radical thought, let the latte go at Starbucks and enjoy drip from home with the occasional special drink from an independent cafe near work.

This seriously, disrupts my daily morning routine but not necessarily for the worse. I use to spend on average $6 every morning between a drink and breakfast item at starbucks. That's $120 a month, not including the occasional weekend. Now, i bet i could take that same $120 and have the same thing of coffee and breakfast with money left over. I can usually finish off 1/2 pound in a month, that's like $8 or so a month just for coffee. Then i've been loving oatmeal with nuts and dried fruit - i'm sure i could buy a months worth of this supply for i don't know $30? Leaving about $82 dollars for whatever.

Yeah, yeah, i might just have to say fair well to my old stomping ground for my morning routine.

October 1, 2008


Yeah, for starting another month and it only being 10 days till i leave town.

Yesterday i was in the throws of self pity and did not document one thing for the Week in the Life project. Today i'm making up for it. I've already taken 3 pictures, lol. Others are A LOT more detailed then i ever thought of being. I was thinking one event per day would be a good goal.

The most eventful thing yesterday was picking little Miss. Z up from the vets/M. work. Turns out she had 2 hot spots, which they now think are allergic reactions to flea* bites, on her rump. Monday she had chewed her self 2 nice bald patches at the irritating spot. Tuesday went in and had those areas shaved... she looks a little funny. I'll be taking pictures tonight of it.

*they couldn't find fleas on her and they are not {thank God} in the house. We're pretty sure she picked it up a week or so ago at the in-laws place. There is this outdoor pin they stay in. Also the in-laws dog came down with the same thing last week.

Exciting bits about today:

- my freelance web project is live!!! OMG it has been a week of working with techs over something i thought was rather simple and should have taken only a few hours. Ah well, it's working now, thankfully. Only thing left is final invoice and one meeting to go over how to edit their lovely blogger based site.

- went and registered at Art & Soul! I got a little goodie bag filled with treats like a monthly calendar, an insulated lunch bag, coupons for local art stores and a few other things. They gave it to me in this rather nice canvass bag, that's uh, lime green. I got a little high on giddy feelings while perusing the art supply shop that was set up in the lobby of the hosting hotel. I could have easily walked out with about $300 dollars worth of stuff. I restrained my self and walked away with nothing but excited to know that it's all from a local store that i can visit at a moments notice.

How's your week going?

September 29, 2008

Week In the Life

In the spirit of saying Yes to everything lately I'm taking up Ali's challenge of documenting a week in my life. Flickr group.

To follow the instructions on keeping notes, i'm jotting them here. I'm going to focus on capturing small things during the day and hopefully one thing that inspires me.

Monday Notes:
The wind that comes strongly through the Columbia gorge has started. It's fall. Ah, the lovely sounds of the trees rustling around. Thankfully the wind is still warm but likely not for long.

I took my first TtV shot this weekend. I definitely need to build a contraption to block the light and glare. I'll upload it later today, at least that's the plan. The plan worked:

First shot, too close to the viewfinder:

Second shot, all of the viewfinder but blurry. I took a few more shots with the same bad results. This is when i stopped and decided that i really did need a contraption.