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November 7, 2010

Small Update

It's been a fun day spent with family and good food. An interesting way to get to know a new person is to play the game Would You Rather and listen to their response. One of my husband's cousin's introduced her boyfriends & thankfully he is a game player with good answers.

Hope everyone remembered to set their clock back last night. We did so there is no funny story about showing up anywhere an hour early!

November 6, 2010


My husband and I got to have a date day of sorts. We started with a matinee movie with 1 free ticket & a free small popcorn. Who doesn't love free? We added 1 ticket & 1 large cherry coke to share.

We chose to go see RED with Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker & Helen Mirren. All the way around a fantastic cast! it's an action comedy with lots of loud shooting & very little language. Honestly, its says its rated PG-13 for action violence & brief strong languages but neither my husband or i remember there being any language. Now, it could be stated that we watch R rated that are heavy in language and in comparison it just didn't register on our radar. Either way it's a very fun movie - not a constant laugh out loud but i chuckled a lot.

November 5, 2010

Type Collection

I've been collecting wood and lead type for about two years now. Currently they're just a collection and haven't performed anything functional. I do have grand plans for some of the wood type but we'll see if i have the nerve to use them this winter.

November 4, 2010

Brought to You by the Word ON

I got lost today in the world of YouTube. Best thing I found was Grover from Sesame Street performing a spoof of the Old Spice commercial. Both are funny entertainment!

May 8, 2010

Home again, home again...

It was a delightful 2 days at the beach. Came back with a light sun burn even. The bad news is we think that the old fuji digital SLR i've been using for a few months has kicked the bucket. We load the batteries but an ERR flashes on the display screen. At least i still have a decent point & shoot until we can figure out if the fuji really is dead.

May 6, 2010


Sister's text message to me:  "27, right?"
Me: "Yep. Weird huh?
Sister: "Very"

That pretty much sums up how i'm feeling about turning 27, very close to 30. Thirty feels a little bit like a looming deadline but for what i'm not exactly sure.

Tonight I saw How To Train Your Dragon in 3D - it was very good all the way around. Enjoyed the plot, the way they dragons were designed, the voice acting, the 3D treatment. Highly recommended.

I'm off to the beach for the next few days. The dogs are going with us but we have little dogie sedatives for Z who is a crazy ball of anxiety in the car. She is so filled with anxiety the drugs don't even make her sleep but at least make it tolerable for her to sit there and not fight against her dog seat belt or whine & bark the whole 3 hour trip. We're bringing raw hide and treats & her favorite ball to play with on the beach to make up for the car ride.

May 5, 2010

Uplifting Advice

Something I was given to think about:
Why not me? Why shouldn't I be the one to claim a fulfilling life? Why can't a miracle happen to me? Because honestly it can be, i can have a fulfilling life & a miracle can happen.

This is my update of what happened yesterday

Yesterday was Tuesday as you probably know. I was able to spend a few hours tutoring a friend on the finer points of how to use Photoshop. Overall that was very successful, i was able to explain tools & processes and he was able to reiterate back to me in his own words what i just said, proving that it made sense. This also was a good experience for me to know that in the future i could offer services as a tutor. This has gone down on my long list of: Possible Ways to Make Money

May 3, 2010

First Day of the First Full Week

Monday was a product first day:
- Went to the gym for the first time in about a year. I was shocked at how busy it was at 9am but thinned out by 10. I figure i'll go at various time to see which options are the best.

- Did the dishes when I realized i need a clean coffee pot and there were dishes in my way. Plus, i had the realization i had nothing more urgent to do than clean the kitchen.

- Figured out exactly what i'm eligible to do or not do while collecting unemployment. I'm encouraged that they allow you to earn some income and still collect (of course there are rules about how much i can collect etc.). I was further encouraged when i talked to a woman who recently was on unemployment and how easy it was to go to a building to talk to real people about training classes, resume reviews and more. 

Yea for productivity!

May 2, 2010

Pretty View

Lovely view of Mt. Hood that I can easily see by looking up ;-)

May 1, 2010

Look Up

The theme for May at NaBloPoMo is Look Up and i've chosen to participate this month. It is an apt theme for me because on Thursday I got laid off from my job of 3.5 years. There is nothing like being pushed out of a comfort zone to re-exam what i want to be doing. This was the end of my first traditional 8-5, cubical farm, with benefits & 401K job after college and so I imagine I can only go up from here.

With it only being about 60 hours since i got the news the most enlightening thought i've had is that; this is the most free time I've had since childhood. Especially considering the past 9 years has included a combination of college (year round), homework and work (worked part-time in school & then full after.) I know I will spend a fair amount of time looking for a new job but i'm pretty excited about having time & energy for some personal projects that have been stewing away for ages.

If you're participating in NaBloPoMo for May let me know, i'll come visit.

November 24, 2009

A blurred busy week

That week went quickly!

Busy, busy, busy with preparing for the wedding, family arriving, fun activities and then of course the wedding on Saturday. Sunday was a big day of recovery and sad airport goodbyes.

Now it's on to Thanksgiving day preparations. I'm hosting this year at our new place. The one thing i'm dreading is touching the raw turkey. Normally i never touch raw meat but i have to rub in the seasoning on the bird so... touchy, touchy, for me.

Hope everyone has a really good Thanksgiving day in the US!

November 15, 2009


Thursday I really forgot to post. I was half asleep when i realized that i hadn't and considered reaching over and typing a quick post on my phone. But then i realized that ultimately it doesn't matter and that i should just go to sleep. Thus ending my NaBloPoMo perfect records.

Friday I didn't have time. Again chalking this up to I had other things that needed my attention.

Saturday i was busy painting my studio and then went out to my cousin's bachelorette party only to remember that my phone took bad pictures in low light. I did have a really good beer. I did get my studio painted - I only have 1 more coat on all the walls to do tomorrow or Tuesday.

Sunday - slept in, had yummy coffee, went to the in-laws for birthday lunch for my husband. Early bed tonight - stayed up way to late last night.

Monday - work and then dinner for my husband's birthday.

November 11, 2009

Color Inspiration

Wondering in Target a few weeks back I went through the towel isle. I find this color combo very appealing. Specially the coral & teal next to each other with a touch of yellow & I'm not a fan of yellow usually.

Might have to pull in some coral & yellow into our master bathroom that has classic baby blue counter and accents.

November 10, 2009

Shoe Shopping

On my quest to find wedding shoes I ran into these that I like. All of them can be found at DSW but good luck if you have wide feet.

Love the leather flower detail on the strap.

I picture these going well with jeans.

I have worn out my blue converse (there are holes in the cloth). My husband told me if i replace them i have to get a color that isn't blue because i've had blue for years. I'm liking the pink a lot:

These could be perfect for an everyday type of shoe for work:

At the conclusion of my shoe quest i ended up with 2 pairs of navy heels, i don't have pictures of those ironically and neither of which were purchased at DSW. I got one from Avenue in a 9w but i think i'll have to exchange them for a 9.5w if i keep them. Then the other from Famous Footwear.

After trying on half a dozen pair of shoes at DSW I confirmed my suspicion that i can only comfortably wear heels in a wide width. I can buy some heels in a medium width but i have go with a size 10 which fits my toes ok but are 1/2 inch too long so the heel of my foot slips in and out easily. Even then 10s are not super comfortable. Which is why my shoe buying habits run toward sneakers, flats or strap sandals with a small heel. Plus i'm 5'2" i just can't wear super high heels with out feeling like my center of gravity is all off.

Does anyone know of a good place to buy shoes in a wide width? I can't believe it's that uncommon.

November 9, 2009

Almost Forgot

I almost forgot to post! I was busy playing Guitar Hero World Tour and then realized it's 10:30pm and no post.

The most exciting news is we finally purchased out Christmas tickets to Texas. I'm VERY excited about going down for the holidays this year.

I'm also getting pretty excited to see my family for a little bit while they're in town for a wedding. Can't believe it's only a little over a week away. I have to find shoes! My goal is to go to DSW & Ross tomorrow on my way home, they're both in the same shopping center so that'll be convenient.

Realized that i have to go shopping this weekend for Thanksgiving preparations if i expect anything to be available - let alone a Turkey. Gees, this weekend is going to be crazy busy. I know this week is going to fly by and then a bit of panic will set in. Maybe i can go shopping during the week, what an idea. I can plan the menu tomorrow after shoe shopping and then on wednesday go shopping or Thursday after my dress fitting. Yeah... ok, this could work, knock something of the list before the weekend.

Hope everyone's Monday had some good news.

November 8, 2009

The Weekend

The only thing i got crossed off my list is attending the bridal shower. I did go look for shoes but was unsuccessful. I've come to the conclusion that for heels i need wide instead of medium width shoes. I also found the 6 month out photos but didn't get editing them. At least i touched on 3 items on my list.

Back to work tomorrow... it feels like i just left on Friday, bummer.

November 2, 2009

A Collection of Random Short Paragraphs

I spent the day hunting and pecking for code for the blog. I'm not satisfied with the current layout. There are a few things i want to add and adjust.

Tonight I also got caught up on all the recent episodes of The Office. I think this season is shaping up very well. It's surprising how much this show utilizes additional features for the websites, they have webisodes, blogs for actors and the characters, behind the scenes... props to the creators behind the concept to give this TV show a huge web presents. Some people don't watch the show because they work in an office and they don't want to watch a show about their day job but i have disagree - no one works in this type of office!

We've been in this rental house for 2 months and i'm still deciphering between good and bad noises. Never did i realize how much i paid attention to sounds at the apartment and could quickly judge them as normal or potential danger. Just 2 minutes ago an odd frog croaking sound started that i haven't heard before. I'm in the front bedroom and can hear just about anything in the front drive and now i think there is a frog out there. Why do we have frogs?! Ewww.

I hate the transition at this time of year into darkness. Sure it was nice to have some sun at 6:30am but it was completely dark when i left work at 5:15pm. What makes it worse is that nothing can happen outside when i get home. I can't play chuck-it with the dogs when i get home because they can't see where the ball went! I guess my only solution is flood lights for the backyard for a little evening running about with the dogs. Course when the wind starts up i won't want to be out there anyway.... {where i live is known for its crazy high winds in the winter}

November 1, 2009

And We're Off

First post of the month!

I've been wanting to do a blog redesign and there is no better time than for NaBloPoMo. Mostly i moved the sidebar info to the footer in 3 columns. Now, if i could only figure out how to link Archives, Tags/Labels, and Google Reader feed for links across the top, i'd be happy. For today i've reached my max of thinking in code.

I thought pushing all the extra info stuff below the post would be helpful in clutter control. I read a lot of blogs and a good majority of them have the standard 3 columns across the whole page. As ads and widgets have grown in popularity I've found it increasingly difficult to read the person's posts among all this other information. I'm going with the train of thought that if the readers are really interested in what I'm up to then they'll scroll a little farther or click one more link. I'm also thinking that if i don't overwhelm the reader with visuals they can easily see what is available to find out.

Good luck to everyone who is participating in NaBloPoMo.

October 29, 2009

In other news

I was introduced to Google Wave - it's a social networking/group collaboration for everything: email, instant messaging, photos, video sharing, documents, polls. It's a giant mix up of all things interactive web and it's still in exclusive-invite only-beta. Which is fine, i watched the premier demo video and i'm interested to play around with it but i'm willing to let more bugs be fixed first.

Sunday marks the first day of November, which marks the first day of National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). It will be a whirl wind of posting here. I'm expecting to take full advantage of being able to post on the go from my phone. There is a wedding on the 21st with several activities planned so i'll need to stay on top of it. Anyone care to join me?

I had toyed with the idea of doing National November Writing Month but came to my senses to realize, i don't have that kind of time this month and i have other more important projects i need to work on.