July 14, 2005

Adv. Print Production 7/15/05

Dale Gronso

Can meet in the a.m. and all day Monday.

On website there is a referance page.

Printing Process:
Digital - xerographic (toner - dry or wet), Inkjet ( ex. direct mal), dye sublimation (solid - gas - solid process)
Screen - Stencil and photo emulsion
Off set - Planographic (lithography) - most common (ink & water don't mix theory, of a surface with a substance that attracts and deflects ink)
Raised - Letterpress - (raised surface, lead type)
flexography - (big rubber stamp) good for plastic bags
Intaglio - works like a copper etching (gravier - embading the image)

PPI - pixal Per in - "screen" resolution
DPI - Dos per in - physical measurement (hardware - printers)
LPI - Lines per inch - Halftone density

Resolution - pixal density
300 = "continuous Tone Art"
600 = B&W lineart (either black or white no gray tones)

Roset is the pattern that is created when you use a 4 (c,m,y,b) process

Stochastic screening - inkjet printers - random ink patterns