July 16, 2009

Wild blueberries

Was surprised to realize one day on the drive home that there are blueberry bushes in a road median I pass.

Vintage cafeteria tray becomes collection display

Vintage cafeteria tray becomes collection display - Reinvent your stuff: 20 fun DIY projects - Photos -

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LOVE this idea!

July 9, 2009


This is more for me than anything else. I find my blog can be a good place to keep notes on things i want to find later. Course there are other services like that i've signed up for but then I don't think i can share this note with you here. I'll have to research and see if there is a way to link the two. Anyway...

I was surfing around and found out that Amazon is selling Kindle for $300 now instead of $360 which really, is only 60 bucks cheaper but note worthy.

If you need a cool cover for it, these are very nice:

If you need free ebooks, Feedbooks can help you out:

July 4, 2009

Happy 4th

After a day of leasure I went out to dinner and the movies. Transformers in an IMAX theater was amazing! Not sure what the critics were going on about but I followed the plot. Then we saw a few fireworks from the roof of the parking garage which is were the little video came from. Hope everyone had a fun day!