October 31, 2007

Minor Car Accident

I'm going to tell this story now and get it out of the way before November. This coming month is suppose to be good, productive, habit forming life-ness - no, no, I can't be too optimistic.

Quick Story: I was rear ended by a car causing me to go into the back of a minivan. No one is injured although I'm getting quiet sore in the shoulders and base of back. Everyone has insurance. I'm getting my car looked at tomorrow for an estimate then waiting on all the insurances to collect the stories and make decisions.

The Long Story with Side Notes and a Funny Bit:
I had left early this morning to make it to a press check at the printers for work. Now, the nights before press checks I get paranoid that I'm going to be late. It doesn't help I completely forgot about the last one (it was on a Monday morning, I slept over the weekend and forgot). Anyway, so the day started already with me feeling blah after a nights weird dreaming.

It was very cold, my car had frost on it, and it was very foggy. I was driving carefully on the high way, on the busy side roads.... Living in the city of bridges of course I had to go over one to get to the printers. So, I go over the Willamette river and make a left off the bridge going down a big hill where oddly enough it wasn't foggy. This off ramp merges onto one of Porltand's smaller highways - it's really just a 4 lane road, 2 each way that you get to go 45 miles on. It's 7:00am at this point.

A mini van is in front of me. I'm watching it to see how it's going to merge into traffic and then how I'm going to merge into traffic. I don't remember my speed but I couldn't have been going very fast maybe 35. So, the van instead of merging in front of a little white truck, which I was expecting it to because there was room, instead it chooses to break - hard. I break hard. The car behind me doesn't break so hard.

I get hit from behind causing me to hit the van in front of me. What's the first thing I do? Cry. I park the car and start to open the door but I can't even stand up because I'm sobbing. The other two drivers are woman. Very sweet woman who are very concerned that I'm crying and am I hurt? One woman takes my hand and I hold on to it and tell her I'm not hurt just surprised and this is my first car accident.

I collect my self enough to get out of the car and we discuses what needs to be done. I end up calling 911 because in Texas that's what you do. Well, I found out that the Portland city police are just like the Dallas* city police - they don't come out if no one is hurt and you're not blocking traffic. I was told by the 911 operator not to call again for this type of situation. I was a little taken aback by the forcefulness that the operator used but maybe I was tying up the line for a gun shot victim...

*In the suburbs of Dallas the police will come out to help with just about anything but not the police with in the specific Dallas area.

Anyway... the cars are not even that bad. There is no damage to the van or to the front of my car that I can tell. My back bumper is a little dented, scraped up and either the bummer is pulled out from the car or my hatch back door got pushed in - I can't really tell and I don't really want to try opening the hatch back just encase I can't get it closed again.

No one was injured thankfully. I am getting sore in the shoulders and lower back - there was no discussion of if you wake up and can't move your neck who's insurance is going to take care of it. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it I guess. I spent maybe an hour with my insurance and the woman in the car's insurance. I don't want to pay anything out of pocket so i'll wait and see who's covering what. Hopefully it will get resolved fairly quickly. I do have to say I have learned a lot about what insurance companies want when filing a report. I also realize I wasn't thinking completely clearly, for example I got the mini van's license plate number but not the cars. I got the car woman's phone number but not the woman in the minivan.

Funny Bit:
Now the woman behind me was really nice and was feeling really bad for hitting the back of my car. I was being nice about everything because I was just upset but not feeling angry - I mean, it happens. Anyway, she made the comment: "You're being so nice about this. I was afraid you'd be some big angry man!" I wonder if she made this assumption because I still have my Texas license plates, LOL.

I finally did make it to my press check and to work. My male boss told me "I'd give you a hug if it wasn't harassment. I'm just so glad you're ok". Me too!

October 30, 2007

Mutterings Week 247

Free association - typing the first thing that pops into my head when I read the word list below.

  1. Inaugural :: Ball

  2. Pledge :: Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation under God, indivisible,With Liberty and Justice for all.
  3. String :: Shoe string budget

  4. Trot :: Turkey - The Turkey Trot is the name of a race that is held in Dallas, Tx on Thanksgiving day.

  5. Fitness :: LA Fitness, my gym, should go today

  6. Cinder :: Apple

  7. Edge :: Sharp

  8. 31 :: Age

  9. Blue :: Sky

  10. Leather :: Bag

If you'd like to participate in this weeks Unconscious Mutterings visit LunaNina.

October 26, 2007

November Is Do Everything Month

Finally, I think I have everything set up for National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo)! I switched back to blogger after a short stint with a different blog provider. Oh, why I ever left Google I'll never know...

I have been blogging off and on for several years. Never have I kept a consistent blog but I've started several. Come November I'm taking the challenge to post everyday for the whole month! If you're interested in participating you can sing up - or go through the link badge to the right.

Topics for this challenge won't be a problem. I might struggle more with my aversion to the computer once I'm home from work. Although, our evenings seem to be falling into a nice pattern of come home, cook dinner, husband plays Halo and I turn on the computer and puts around online. I'll do my best to keep this blog up to date.

*** Other Things To Do In November ***

Art Every Day Month - hosted by Creative Every Day.
I like her rules, the guideline is to be creative everyday for the month of November. Although, she still encourages you to be creative even if it's only once a week.

Again, I haven't been consistent with my art either. I am part of an art group that meets weekly to practice drawing and new mediums. Although, I've only been producing about one piece per month if that. I'm going to take this one a little more relaxed and work towards one collage a week with a little photography mixed in.

National Novel Reading Month - NaNoReMo - Hosted by Defective Yeti
This is another bloggers twist on NaNoWriMo but you read a novel and discusses it instead. This years book for the month is Catch22. This will be a new one for me but I've been told I should read it.

I figure that I read a lot anyway and I am currently way behind on the To Be Read challenge I started earlier this year, sooo... why not start a new challenge! If you'd like to participate, grab a copy and follow the syllabus for what chapters to read by when and comment about it on Yeti's site or blog on your own.

We'll see how productive I am this coming month!

October 6, 2007

Summer In Review

I'll say it too - "It's fall!" I have now had to turn my heater on and wear a coat at night. With the changing of the season, a challenge has been thrown out by my friend Erin to tell about your summer. Here are a few highlights:

May - Grandparent's Anniversary
At the end of May my maternal Grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. I was able to design their party invite for my sister and aunts who were coordinating the event. The best part was flying down to Texas as a surprise! Amazingly enough it worked, those that knew in the family didn't accidentally let it spill. Oh, how I miss my family!

June - Sister, her husband and his family come to visit
My sister, her husband, her mother in law and her husband's brother all came up at end of May and left in that first week of June. We visited all kinds of places but to me the most interesting was Mt. St. Helen's because i had not been up there in my 3 years of living in Oregon (yes, i realize Helen is in Washington). Second was getting to the top of Multnomah falls, never made the hike all the way up before, the river that becomes the long water fall is gorgeous. Again if I was good at the picture thing i'd post some.

July - First Wedding Anniversary
Yea! My husband and I returned to our favorite hotel to celebrate. If you want to read more about it

August - Life
I'm not sure that we did anything too exciting in August.

September - Life again
Yeah, again, I think we just worked and lived and made a quick trip to the coast which we had not done since July.

Dog Summer Activities:
We had the dogs in Obedience 3, off lead training and hand signals. I work with "Z" the female and this was her first go around. I think she did okay but I need to work with her more outside of class. We also did agility training - jumping over hurtles, going through tubes, walking on platforms. That was so much fun! Z is good and very fast at it but a little stubborn about jumping over the hurtles.

That was our summer!