December 31, 2008


I don't have any exciting plans. It's like i turn into a 70 year old woman on this holiday and go to bed at my normal time with out even so much as a glass of grape juice to clink "New Year" with.

I have fond memories of being small and celebrating with my family or my best friends family. The night always involved games, puzzles and good food. But now that the novelty of staying up past midnight has worn off, i don't see the big excitement about it. Plus I'm working tomorrow to cover for a snow day i took last week.

You have a good celebration!

December 25, 2008

White Christmases SUCK

If I ever see snow again it'll be too soon! 2 weeks of the stuff and i'm done FOREVER. Things barely melt but just enough to cause slush in the parking lot, preventing our car from going anywhere! The chains on the car are not staying on and now both sides have flown off on separate occasions. The burning rubber smell when M tried to drive off wasn't a hint that something was wrong?! Or the flying slosh out the front left tire? I'll be shocked if i have tires left after today.


Have i mentioned i have not been out of the house since Saturday? And Saturday was only to walk 30 min both ways to the grocery store. I'm so very very disenchanted with snow.

update: my m.i.l. is a smart woman and i like her very much. I called to say we wouldn't be making it over Christmas dinner. She volunteered her husband to go pick us up at the end of our street since their car has studded tires. I was overjoyed!! We had a wonderful dinner, gift opening and played the board game Imagine If. Good times! We're still stuck in the parking lot though and the sidewalks are un-walkable since they plowed a few days ago making the sidewalk buried under 4 feet of snow. I'm buying snow boots as soon as i can get out.

December 16, 2008

Cabin Fever

I am actually thankful to be at work today. That snow that was rumored, came true in a really big way! I snowed a couple of inches on Sunday and blew crazy high winds. We stayed home on Monday because we did not have tire chains and we did not feel safe going out. That made 3 consecutive days of being at home, all day, all 24 hours of those days, with 2 crazy dogs, 1 tv and a really dirty kitchen. Good news, we finally got our tree decorated now that we've had it for a week.

We went shopping Friday thinking we'd purchased enough food for the weekend, apparently we can't count how many times we eat in a day. By Sunday my husband went back out between the morning snow and the evening snow to get more groceries. Then he went out again yesterday afternoon after some of the snow had melted {at least it was super sunny if not bitter cold} to get tire chains so we could adventure out today. Good news, we only need the chains to get out of the apartment parking lot.

Bad news, it's supposed to snow with a mix of freezing rain starting any where between tonight and 10am on Wednesday and not end till Wed. night. Depending on your source we get sun on Thurs and Snow again on Friday followed by a big storm on Saturday/Sunday.

OMG, i'm so not prepared for this. We have to go to the store again tonight just to prep for the week. It's been a long time since i've planned a weeks worth of groceries. Do you realize how dirty the kitchen gets when you're cooking at home all the time?

Most likely i'll be home tomorrow because I don't want to be out in that and my husband can easily take the public transportation into work if it's required. If i take public transportation it will probably take me 2 - 2.5 hours one way because with good weather and everything running on time its estimated to take 1.5 hrs. I'm hoping i can take PTO or make up the time, we really can't take the money hit so close to Christmas. Ugh, that's the other thing, this snow could completely blow my chances of shopping this weekend! Don't procrastinate on these things people, it'll get you in trouble.

I admire people that put up with this for several months out of the year. You are better people then me. Hope everyone is safe, warm and well stocked in food.

December 11, 2008


We're supposed to have a snowstorm this weekend. To the grocery store we go tonight! I'm hoping it happens. Being snowed in this weekend doing Christmas decorating and crafts sounds perfect.

We got our tree Saturday but then promptly got into a little tiff about how to rearrange the living room furniture. By the time everything was in a new place we were tired and left the tree bare. It's been smelling awesome and looking big in our living room all week. It's going to look great with lights.

December 5, 2008

Magical Apartment

The thought of moving to this amazing apartment but highly expensive apartment has been heavy in my mind lately. The fairy thoughts that some how by moving in to this apartment I will become a better person, suddenly our marriage will be better, our lives in general excellent.

A few of the day dreams:
- The apartment will stay clean. By somehow having a small bedroom would make us want to hang up our clothes every time we change them. The fact that the kitchen would have less counter space i'd do the dishes more often.

- In this clean apartment i would have the stamina to get up early every morning {before my husband} and do my 30 minutes of pilates in our new cozy den. Followed by 30 minutes of cardio in the gym on the property.

- We'd be better with money because we'd have to be to make the rent. We would have to pay attention to our spending because if we didn't we'd find our selves with over drafts and no electricity {then how could i do pilates?}.

Reality check - moving will make NONE of those things happen. The only thing that will change that is our attitudes about responsibilities and discipline to follow through on things that are not fun. Boo, it will not be handed to me magically.

Considering all of that I'm plotting on how those three things, which are the top three bane of my existence, can happen right where we're currently living.

Why does my husband think it's fun to call me and tell me I have a flat tire after we just spent $350 to fix other problems on his car. Thankfully he was at a gas station and able to fill it with air oh but didn't want to be bothered with using his tire gauge to check it's the right pressure. He always tells me these types of stories like they're supposed to be funny little things about life. They're not funny, it causes me a little bit of anxiety at the fact that a) there is probably a hole in the tire and b) that he might have over inflated which if there isn't a whole and it was just low from sitting around for 3 weeks, that he could have a blow out.

Lord just get him home safely and we'll take my car to the movies for the date. We'll ignore the fact that my car needs some minor repairs too.