December 25, 2008

White Christmases SUCK

If I ever see snow again it'll be too soon! 2 weeks of the stuff and i'm done FOREVER. Things barely melt but just enough to cause slush in the parking lot, preventing our car from going anywhere! The chains on the car are not staying on and now both sides have flown off on separate occasions. The burning rubber smell when M tried to drive off wasn't a hint that something was wrong?! Or the flying slosh out the front left tire? I'll be shocked if i have tires left after today.


Have i mentioned i have not been out of the house since Saturday? And Saturday was only to walk 30 min both ways to the grocery store. I'm so very very disenchanted with snow.

update: my m.i.l. is a smart woman and i like her very much. I called to say we wouldn't be making it over Christmas dinner. She volunteered her husband to go pick us up at the end of our street since their car has studded tires. I was overjoyed!! We had a wonderful dinner, gift opening and played the board game Imagine If. Good times! We're still stuck in the parking lot though and the sidewalks are un-walkable since they plowed a few days ago making the sidewalk buried under 4 feet of snow. I'm buying snow boots as soon as i can get out.

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