March 31, 2009

Top Projects for April

1. Becoming an Aunt baby book for my niece and sister (a collection of emails my sister and i wrote back and forth while she was pregnant that start from me finding out to the birth and first meeting Noel. It will also include photos and thoughts.)

2. Make gift for s.i.l. that i've had for over a year (yikes!)

3. Print, hand color & frame birthday gift for older niece (very excited about this)

4. Read and do the exercises in my marketing books

5. Start a newsletter focusing on missions for my church

The first 3 are must-get-dones in April because i'm leaving for Texas May 6th (my birthday!) to visit my family that the gifts are for.

What're your plans for April?

March 20, 2009

This Weekend

Today is the official day of spring but there isn't much happening in Portland to show it. The weather is a touch warmer, fine in a sweatshirt and a scarf but it's also raining. There are are plans for it to rain all weekend. The only other difference is the reappearance of birds that make fast high pitch chirping sounds in the mornings around sunrise (about 8am here). Still I'm getting that spring cleaning fever.

Cleaning plans:
- Kitchen, you won't believe how horribly dirty it is.
- Office, you'd probably believe how cluttered it is.
- Laundry, i have quarters.

General Creative Plans:
- Edit photos for 365 project

Other Plans:
- Lunch with a friend on Saturday
- Dinner with the church missions team to find out what their plans are and if/how/can we help in a way.
- Church on Sunday, we have a guest speaker so we'll be attending all 3 sessions.
{I don't really know how this sounds to anyone else but i don't enjoy going to church almost all day on Sundays. We've most recently started going to the sunday school in addition to the service. This takes all morning from 8am till 12:30pm i'm getting ready for church and then sitting through it. Then there is the evening service that starts at 6 and runs 1hr-1.5hrs. I struggle a little with the guilt that i'm being selfish that i don't want to go spend all that time fellowshiping with other Christans but uh, the truth is, i don't. By the time we get home from morning service, have lunch, take a nap and get up again to be productive it's about time to get to church again which interrupts the evening being productive. In addition i'm part of a Monday night woman's bible study which i actually find more helpful than most Sundays because it's more communicative and not lecture. So there you have it, i don't go to evening church services because i enjoy my Sunday evenings at home.}

How much of this list will get done this weekend? I'm really hoping a little bit of everything because it all really needs to get done.

March 9, 2009

Short Fuse

If you want to see me go from calm to raging in just 2 seconds, call me a derogatory wife title.

NEVER call me his mother, as in i have taken the place in my husband's life as the authority figure for approval of activities. This is not the same as being called like his mother, that's completely different and not really derogatory.

Talking over with a spouse about activities that will take up MONTHS of time is a legitimate conversation to have before making a commitment to said activity. It's not like he needs to clear it with me if he's going to the movies with the guys. In that case, i'd just like to know when he'll be gone so i can make plans to finally watch a girly movie at home.

The stereo type that the wife is out to ruin the husband's good time is infuriating because we're not.

P.S. my husband was not the offender that caused me to write this retort.

The blue represents what i would have added the first time around if i wasn't writing in such a huff.

March 8, 2009


This is a test of blogging from my phone.

Let's see if this works

March 4, 2009

Top 5 things in my purse.

Canon A630 digital camera
i like taking a picture at a momments notice

i like to pay for things

helps to keep track of random thoughts

G1 cell phone
Incase i need to make a call, send a text, read my email, or play Pac-Man

Pouch of pens and lipstick
The pouch helps to keep these little things form rolling around in the bottom.