October 31, 2008

Top Things for this Weekend

1) Vote - in OR it's all done via mail or drop boxes for your ballots. There are several measures to be voted on that i have no idea about so, i'm going to sit down and open my voter guide to see what i can make of it. On a side note, i kinda wonder if Obama doesn't win how much foul play will be called.

2) Create my pages for the latest collaborative zine project i'm in. The theme is Positive - Negative {i totally know what i'm doing for Negative - Positive hmmm....}. This is due in the book creator's hand by the 7th.

3) Write a first draft of a Mission Statement for the art group that i'm in. It's needed for Tuesday's meeting. Yeah, i procrastinated a little.

4) Figure out what i still need for the Scavenger collaborative project. That needs to be post marked the 14th but i'd really like to ship it in time to be in their hands by the 14th.

These are all things that i feel like HAVE to be done this weekend. The list i made last week, yeah, i was right, i got 2 things done {moved the table, sorted through a small pile of mail} and then proceeded to be kicked in the butt by headaches and pity-parties. Neither of which I'm allowing this weekend.

I don't really celebrate Halloween. I don't like being scared or grossed out so it's not really the best holiday in my opinion. I don't pass out candy because we have dogs that bark when people come to the door and no backyard to banish them to - they'd get really annoying very quickly. I do like pumpkins, pumpkin carving, leaves changing colors... i'm thinking if the store still has them today i'm going to pick up a small assortments of gourds for my work desk. When i have children i'll take them trick-or-treating but until then, i'm staying home with the front porch light out.

October 30, 2008


Here's a random thought for you. I went to a new doctor today for my early {yea, health!}. It occured to me while i was sitting in my gown and sheet waiting for the docotor, that this is a very odd way to meet someone for the first time. She was nice but i don't expect to see her next year. Well, maybe i should be more hopeful but i doubt it. The reason is that either my insurance will change and she won't be covered or she'll leave the practice. Every year w/o fail, one of these 2 things happen. In my 7 years of doing this i've never seen the same doctor twice. Thankfully i'm healthy and there isn't anything to monitor, other wise that might get annoying.

Was that TMI?

October 27, 2008

Almost November

which means it's almost time for 2 3 annual challenges!

National Blog Posting Month {}
Posting everyday for the whole 30 days of November.


National Novel Reading Month {NaNoReMo} hosted by Defective Yeti
That's right read a whole novel and discuss it for the month of November. The novel picking is running a touch late, he's still taking recommendations and votes. {almost forgot about this one}

And the novel winner is: Lolita - i'll be buying a copy since the library is completely out


Art Every Day Month hosted by Leah at
The rules on this one is very relaxed. You can do something every day, week, one big project for the month...possibilities abound {go read the page she describes it better}.

I plan on using this challenge to get some of my photos posted. Yes, i hear you, i did sign up months ago for her Creative Every Day in 2008 challenge, no, no i haven't been very good about keeping up with it but i'm ok with that. November is going to be about posting my photos, photos of my finished projects, and at the very least one line about something inspiring from the day. I AM GOING TO DO THIS! I readily admit, i struggle with the leap between good idea/goal to actually sticking with the discipline needed to finish something. Last year i posted all 30 days so i'm not so worried about that but my goal is a little more lofty in the creative department.

Let me know if you've signed up for any or all and i'll make it a point to come visit and leave a comment to cheer you on because I bet you love comments just as much as I love comments. {I don't struggle with reading other people's blogs}

October 24, 2008


I have high hopes for this weekend.

First i hope it's sunny and i think it's supposed to be.

Then i'll go to Pilates on saturday morning. Arrive home feeling refreshed.

Then i'll rearrange the furniture just a little {husband did a lot last week i'm just tweaking}.

Then i'll tackle the big big stack of mail that needs to be sorted, shredded, delt with & filed.

Then i'll try to clean my office {at least some big stuff out of the way for table space}

Then i'll settle in for the Hulk movie while i edit trip pictures.

Then i'll go to church on Sunday and gloriously smile at all my haircut comments {is that not the best part of getting a haircut? well, besides the freedom of short hair}.

Then i'll work on my sister's birth announcements before they have to be turned into Christmas cards or happy 1st birthday.

Then i'll brainstorm for my zine project {it's a collaboration project i'm part of and pgs due nov. 7th}.

Then... whoa, i just freaked my self out by listing all this stuff. I think i'll be happy if i get the first 2 completed.

Have a good one!

October 20, 2008


I'm back.

I do not recommend taking a late flight to arrive home at 10pm and then go to the ER for your husband which doesn't allow you to get to bed till 2:30am but really feels like 4:30am because of the jet lag. I'm tired and it's Monday and the day is moving SLOW! My hubs is ok, some inflammation on his colon will keep him bed/couch bound for the next 2 days while he takes high doses of ibprofen and vicodin for the pain. I plan to join him as soon as I can leave work {thankfully, i think i can do this relatively on time even though i wasn't in until 11, i just need a little more sleep}. I think the oddest thing I collect is my husband's ER wrist bands. We go normally once a year for something major {cut, dog bite...}, we've been 3 times so far in '08. I keep meaning to make a little book or box with stories attached. It's not even that they're great stories it just seems like something to document. It's ok you can say it, that's odd.

Sometime in the past 10 days Portland flipped completely over to fall. It's beautiful despite the rain and the cool wind. There is a huge tree outside our apartment that looks like it's on fire with all the reds and oranges of it's leaves. I took video and pictures of it today with plans to show you later.

A few quick good bits:

- My niece is adorable!!!!! She smiles, laughs, reaches for people, keeps eye contact, gets happy when her parents walk in the room and makes raspberries at random. I love her so much more than i thought i ever would. She also makes it 10x as hard to leave Dallas - she changes so fast!

- Antiquing with my was a complete successes. She actually noticed an Argus 40 sitting high on a shelf {i got it for $20, this was not the steal i was hoping for but worth it for actually seeing in person the great looking lenses}. The other great find was wooden block print letters. This jumble of numbers and letters produced enough for my last name, wedding date, and JOY which i plan on using for my Christmas cards.

More to come...

October 9, 2008

A Week in the Life of

Ok, so i did a horrible job keeping up with daily photos and notes of my normal week. I thought i'd try it again but this time documenting my unusual week in Texas. I'm very excited about my trip.

I'm debating if i want to take my Yashica for TtV. Tuesday there are plans for my s.i.l and i to go antiquing. My hope is to find a cheap but good Kodak Duaflex or Argus 75. I also have fantasies about my grandfather already having one that he'd let me keep, lol. I still need to make a contraption to block out light. Wonder if i can get that done Friday night...

Really looking forward to flying. I find it relaxing once i'm on the plane and a little nervous before hand {checking in, going through security, no delays...}. There is just something so nice about being forced to sit in one chair for a couple of hours with only books, music and thoughts to keep you company. PLUS I'm pretty sure i have window seats the whole time {layover going and nonstop way home}. I want to try taking video of the take off/landings and some clouds if i can. Usually, there are some good clouds leaving Portland. I admit this is inspired by Swirly's recent video she created - the clouds with the sun is make-my-heart-sing-beautiful {the whole film is good too}.

October 8, 2008

Art & Soul Update

I loved the class i took from Traci Bunkers! She was a great teacher and a nice person to meet.

The shocker was she was serious about using erasers. On the supply list it said 2-3 white/pink erasers. I thought shew as talking about the carving blocks that are kind of like erasers but not. No, she really was talking about the kind you can find at the end of a pencil but flat. I carved 2 in class that she included in a kit and it was fine but a little crumbly and not a fan of that. Think i'll like sticking with the speedball version of eraser blocks which are a little firmer.

She introduced me to modelable foam. I'm in love with it! A heat gun is going on my Christmas list. I'm also starting to appreciate stencils for using painting/collage. The best part was just all these things she showed us that can be used for printing - really helped open up my eyes to possibilities.

Looking forward to saving up for next year!

October 1, 2008


Yeah, for starting another month and it only being 10 days till i leave town.

Yesterday i was in the throws of self pity and did not document one thing for the Week in the Life project. Today i'm making up for it. I've already taken 3 pictures, lol. Others are A LOT more detailed then i ever thought of being. I was thinking one event per day would be a good goal.

The most eventful thing yesterday was picking little Miss. Z up from the vets/M. work. Turns out she had 2 hot spots, which they now think are allergic reactions to flea* bites, on her rump. Monday she had chewed her self 2 nice bald patches at the irritating spot. Tuesday went in and had those areas shaved... she looks a little funny. I'll be taking pictures tonight of it.

*they couldn't find fleas on her and they are not {thank God} in the house. We're pretty sure she picked it up a week or so ago at the in-laws place. There is this outdoor pin they stay in. Also the in-laws dog came down with the same thing last week.

Exciting bits about today:

- my freelance web project is live!!! OMG it has been a week of working with techs over something i thought was rather simple and should have taken only a few hours. Ah well, it's working now, thankfully. Only thing left is final invoice and one meeting to go over how to edit their lovely blogger based site.

- went and registered at Art & Soul! I got a little goodie bag filled with treats like a monthly calendar, an insulated lunch bag, coupons for local art stores and a few other things. They gave it to me in this rather nice canvass bag, that's uh, lime green. I got a little high on giddy feelings while perusing the art supply shop that was set up in the lobby of the hosting hotel. I could have easily walked out with about $300 dollars worth of stuff. I restrained my self and walked away with nothing but excited to know that it's all from a local store that i can visit at a moments notice.

How's your week going?