October 20, 2008


I'm back.

I do not recommend taking a late flight to arrive home at 10pm and then go to the ER for your husband which doesn't allow you to get to bed till 2:30am but really feels like 4:30am because of the jet lag. I'm tired and it's Monday and the day is moving SLOW! My hubs is ok, some inflammation on his colon will keep him bed/couch bound for the next 2 days while he takes high doses of ibprofen and vicodin for the pain. I plan to join him as soon as I can leave work {thankfully, i think i can do this relatively on time even though i wasn't in until 11, i just need a little more sleep}. I think the oddest thing I collect is my husband's ER wrist bands. We go normally once a year for something major {cut, dog bite...}, we've been 3 times so far in '08. I keep meaning to make a little book or box with stories attached. It's not even that they're great stories it just seems like something to document. It's ok you can say it, that's odd.

Sometime in the past 10 days Portland flipped completely over to fall. It's beautiful despite the rain and the cool wind. There is a huge tree outside our apartment that looks like it's on fire with all the reds and oranges of it's leaves. I took video and pictures of it today with plans to show you later.

A few quick good bits:

- My niece is adorable!!!!! She smiles, laughs, reaches for people, keeps eye contact, gets happy when her parents walk in the room and makes raspberries at random. I love her so much more than i thought i ever would. She also makes it 10x as hard to leave Dallas - she changes so fast!

- Antiquing with my was a complete successes. She actually noticed an Argus 40 sitting high on a shelf {i got it for $20, this was not the steal i was hoping for but worth it for actually seeing in person the great looking lenses}. The other great find was wooden block print letters. This jumble of numbers and letters produced enough for my last name, wedding date, and JOY which i plan on using for my Christmas cards.

More to come...

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