October 8, 2008

Art & Soul Update

I loved the class i took from Traci Bunkers! She was a great teacher and a nice person to meet.

The shocker was she was serious about using erasers. On the supply list it said 2-3 white/pink erasers. I thought shew as talking about the carving blocks that are kind of like erasers but not. No, she really was talking about the kind you can find at the end of a pencil but flat. I carved 2 in class that she included in a kit and it was fine but a little crumbly and not a fan of that. Think i'll like sticking with the speedball version of eraser blocks which are a little firmer.

She introduced me to modelable foam. I'm in love with it! A heat gun is going on my Christmas list. I'm also starting to appreciate stencils for using painting/collage. The best part was just all these things she showed us that can be used for printing - really helped open up my eyes to possibilities.

Looking forward to saving up for next year!

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