October 31, 2008

Top Things for this Weekend

1) Vote - in OR it's all done via mail or drop boxes for your ballots. There are several measures to be voted on that i have no idea about so, i'm going to sit down and open my voter guide to see what i can make of it. On a side note, i kinda wonder if Obama doesn't win how much foul play will be called.

2) Create my pages for the latest collaborative zine project i'm in. The theme is Positive - Negative {i totally know what i'm doing for Negative - Positive hmmm....}. This is due in the book creator's hand by the 7th.

3) Write a first draft of a Mission Statement for the art group that i'm in. It's needed for Tuesday's meeting. Yeah, i procrastinated a little.

4) Figure out what i still need for the Scavenger collaborative project. That needs to be post marked the 14th but i'd really like to ship it in time to be in their hands by the 14th.

These are all things that i feel like HAVE to be done this weekend. The list i made last week, yeah, i was right, i got 2 things done {moved the table, sorted through a small pile of mail} and then proceeded to be kicked in the butt by headaches and pity-parties. Neither of which I'm allowing this weekend.

I don't really celebrate Halloween. I don't like being scared or grossed out so it's not really the best holiday in my opinion. I don't pass out candy because we have dogs that bark when people come to the door and no backyard to banish them to - they'd get really annoying very quickly. I do like pumpkins, pumpkin carving, leaves changing colors... i'm thinking if the store still has them today i'm going to pick up a small assortments of gourds for my work desk. When i have children i'll take them trick-or-treating but until then, i'm staying home with the front porch light out.

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