October 24, 2008


I have high hopes for this weekend.

First i hope it's sunny and i think it's supposed to be.

Then i'll go to Pilates on saturday morning. Arrive home feeling refreshed.

Then i'll rearrange the furniture just a little {husband did a lot last week i'm just tweaking}.

Then i'll tackle the big big stack of mail that needs to be sorted, shredded, delt with & filed.

Then i'll try to clean my office {at least some big stuff out of the way for table space}

Then i'll settle in for the Hulk movie while i edit trip pictures.

Then i'll go to church on Sunday and gloriously smile at all my haircut comments {is that not the best part of getting a haircut? well, besides the freedom of short hair}.

Then i'll work on my sister's birth announcements before they have to be turned into Christmas cards or happy 1st birthday.

Then i'll brainstorm for my zine project {it's a collaboration project i'm part of and pgs due nov. 7th}.

Then... whoa, i just freaked my self out by listing all this stuff. I think i'll be happy if i get the first 2 completed.

Have a good one!

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