October 27, 2008

Almost November

which means it's almost time for 2 3 annual challenges!

National Blog Posting Month {}
Posting everyday for the whole 30 days of November.


National Novel Reading Month {NaNoReMo} hosted by Defective Yeti
That's right read a whole novel and discuss it for the month of November. The novel picking is running a touch late, he's still taking recommendations and votes. {almost forgot about this one}

And the novel winner is: Lolita - i'll be buying a copy since the library is completely out


Art Every Day Month hosted by Leah at
The rules on this one is very relaxed. You can do something every day, week, one big project for the month...possibilities abound {go read the page she describes it better}.

I plan on using this challenge to get some of my photos posted. Yes, i hear you, i did sign up months ago for her Creative Every Day in 2008 challenge, no, no i haven't been very good about keeping up with it but i'm ok with that. November is going to be about posting my photos, photos of my finished projects, and at the very least one line about something inspiring from the day. I AM GOING TO DO THIS! I readily admit, i struggle with the leap between good idea/goal to actually sticking with the discipline needed to finish something. Last year i posted all 30 days so i'm not so worried about that but my goal is a little more lofty in the creative department.

Let me know if you've signed up for any or all and i'll make it a point to come visit and leave a comment to cheer you on because I bet you love comments just as much as I love comments. {I don't struggle with reading other people's blogs}

2 What do you think?:

iHanna said...

I wish I could sign up for everything and do it all - but it's so much I want to do... I still haven't decided but absolutely art every day! :-)

good luck on doign all 3!!!

Violet said...

Thanks ihanna! Art every day is a chood choice. I'm excited about it this year.