October 1, 2008


Yeah, for starting another month and it only being 10 days till i leave town.

Yesterday i was in the throws of self pity and did not document one thing for the Week in the Life project. Today i'm making up for it. I've already taken 3 pictures, lol. Others are A LOT more detailed then i ever thought of being. I was thinking one event per day would be a good goal.

The most eventful thing yesterday was picking little Miss. Z up from the vets/M. work. Turns out she had 2 hot spots, which they now think are allergic reactions to flea* bites, on her rump. Monday she had chewed her self 2 nice bald patches at the irritating spot. Tuesday went in and had those areas shaved... she looks a little funny. I'll be taking pictures tonight of it.

*they couldn't find fleas on her and they are not {thank God} in the house. We're pretty sure she picked it up a week or so ago at the in-laws place. There is this outdoor pin they stay in. Also the in-laws dog came down with the same thing last week.

Exciting bits about today:

- my freelance web project is live!!! OMG it has been a week of working with techs over something i thought was rather simple and should have taken only a few hours. Ah well, it's working now, thankfully. Only thing left is final invoice and one meeting to go over how to edit their lovely blogger based site.

- went and registered at Art & Soul! I got a little goodie bag filled with treats like a monthly calendar, an insulated lunch bag, coupons for local art stores and a few other things. They gave it to me in this rather nice canvass bag, that's uh, lime green. I got a little high on giddy feelings while perusing the art supply shop that was set up in the lobby of the hosting hotel. I could have easily walked out with about $300 dollars worth of stuff. I restrained my self and walked away with nothing but excited to know that it's all from a local store that i can visit at a moments notice.

How's your week going?

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Jeannine said...

You're sure to have the best time at Art & Soul! Can't wait to hear all about it!


angela said...

hi Violet! I got a roll of film for the duaflex from B&H photo. i ordered online and was pleased with prompt delivery. What i didn't realize is that i had ordered pro grade film. This meant having to send it away to be processed. I have trouble waiting...but it was worth it. The company sent me back my spool (as i had requested) You can use 120 film in the duaflex by either modifying the spool or "respooling" onto a 620 spool. The point of my online order with B&H was to obtain the 620 spool all loaded up with film. My next experiment will be totrim the spool of a 120 roll of color.

(sorry to be so long winded, i love this stuff though :D)