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January 11, 2006

Portfolio 1-10 wi 06 prt hmwrk

Next Week:
1> Personal Creative Brief:
- Single sentence description of yourself
- Deliverables: ID system, mini-book, digital portfolio
- Aspects you want to protray
- Aspects you don't want to protray

2> visual Self Assessment
4 collages
8.5 x 11
- your style - dress, way lay things out, design related
- styles you like - things that are great to look at but things you can't do.
- personal iconography - symbols, objects, icon, logo, mark
- color palettes

3> Different Concepts/Ideas
10 different ones
- 1 sentance description of each
- Raw materials
- Visual References
materials if you have them bring them

For ideas start polling different areas:
- location/geography
- technology
- programs

- Family background
- Personal goals (what do you want to do when you grow up)
- aspirations
- role models/idols

- body type (finger print, siloets)
- activities

- goals (packaging, children web sites, books, us banks logo, board design)
- graphic styles as professional (where is it coming from, what am i referencing?)
- skills (that i have that maybe others don't have)

Midterm - Employer Research Doc. for 10 companies
Places want to work.
Doesn't have to be local
Due week 5 - in printed from and pdf
- name of company
- Name of contact for interview (art direction, office manager, hr rep)
- Contact info (ph. email)
- Address
- description (what they do)

Portfolio 1-10 wi 06 prt2

personal id:


show your self as a professional but also a unique creative individual.

Portfolio 1-10 wi 06

11 converstions:

simplicity (ex: real simple)

enlightenment (spiritually moving - yoga)

talent leverage (sundance, greenlight)

mastery (dummies books, joy of cooking)

Travel (the ways we can the way we can learn)

Entertanment (ipod)

Personal expression (personalize - scrap booking )

Relationship (friend networks, book clubs, oprah)

Financial health (quicken, retirment)

health & environment (hybrid cars, green peace)

political freedom (, colors, squaters getting deeds)

boeing dreamlines

January 7, 2006

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