March 9, 2009

Short Fuse

If you want to see me go from calm to raging in just 2 seconds, call me a derogatory wife title.

NEVER call me his mother, as in i have taken the place in my husband's life as the authority figure for approval of activities. This is not the same as being called like his mother, that's completely different and not really derogatory.

Talking over with a spouse about activities that will take up MONTHS of time is a legitimate conversation to have before making a commitment to said activity. It's not like he needs to clear it with me if he's going to the movies with the guys. In that case, i'd just like to know when he'll be gone so i can make plans to finally watch a girly movie at home.

The stereo type that the wife is out to ruin the husband's good time is infuriating because we're not.

P.S. my husband was not the offender that caused me to write this retort.

The blue represents what i would have added the first time around if i wasn't writing in such a huff.

2 What do you think?:

MarillaAnne said...

:) well said.

Violet said...

Thanks. I should add that my husband was not the offender that caused me to post this little retort.