March 20, 2009

This Weekend

Today is the official day of spring but there isn't much happening in Portland to show it. The weather is a touch warmer, fine in a sweatshirt and a scarf but it's also raining. There are are plans for it to rain all weekend. The only other difference is the reappearance of birds that make fast high pitch chirping sounds in the mornings around sunrise (about 8am here). Still I'm getting that spring cleaning fever.

Cleaning plans:
- Kitchen, you won't believe how horribly dirty it is.
- Office, you'd probably believe how cluttered it is.
- Laundry, i have quarters.

General Creative Plans:
- Edit photos for 365 project

Other Plans:
- Lunch with a friend on Saturday
- Dinner with the church missions team to find out what their plans are and if/how/can we help in a way.
- Church on Sunday, we have a guest speaker so we'll be attending all 3 sessions.
{I don't really know how this sounds to anyone else but i don't enjoy going to church almost all day on Sundays. We've most recently started going to the sunday school in addition to the service. This takes all morning from 8am till 12:30pm i'm getting ready for church and then sitting through it. Then there is the evening service that starts at 6 and runs 1hr-1.5hrs. I struggle a little with the guilt that i'm being selfish that i don't want to go spend all that time fellowshiping with other Christans but uh, the truth is, i don't. By the time we get home from morning service, have lunch, take a nap and get up again to be productive it's about time to get to church again which interrupts the evening being productive. In addition i'm part of a Monday night woman's bible study which i actually find more helpful than most Sundays because it's more communicative and not lecture. So there you have it, i don't go to evening church services because i enjoy my Sunday evenings at home.}

How much of this list will get done this weekend? I'm really hoping a little bit of everything because it all really needs to get done.

2 What do you think?:

rhon said...

This has been a major issue for us in our marriage the past several years. The Bible says not to neglect meeting together but the traditional American church service is not that old and NOTHING like it was when Hebrews was written.

We believe more than anything that you need to make church a part of every day, of every moment. We've experienced more "church" like moments of prayer and worship outside a brick and mortar than in it. You have to be creative, which you're very good at, and you have to open your eyes to the opportunities and people around you.

The thing to remember is that, if you are feeling any guilt about following an American, southern Baptist church service tradition, this is a man-made guilt that is not scripturally based. Go for quality, not quantity.

Violet said...

Rhon, you make very good points! Man made guilt is exactly the type i'm feeling about not going Sunday nights. I'm not feeling a conviction about not spending time with God. Thank you for your wise words =)