December 5, 2008

Magical Apartment

The thought of moving to this amazing apartment but highly expensive apartment has been heavy in my mind lately. The fairy thoughts that some how by moving in to this apartment I will become a better person, suddenly our marriage will be better, our lives in general excellent.

A few of the day dreams:
- The apartment will stay clean. By somehow having a small bedroom would make us want to hang up our clothes every time we change them. The fact that the kitchen would have less counter space i'd do the dishes more often.

- In this clean apartment i would have the stamina to get up early every morning {before my husband} and do my 30 minutes of pilates in our new cozy den. Followed by 30 minutes of cardio in the gym on the property.

- We'd be better with money because we'd have to be to make the rent. We would have to pay attention to our spending because if we didn't we'd find our selves with over drafts and no electricity {then how could i do pilates?}.

Reality check - moving will make NONE of those things happen. The only thing that will change that is our attitudes about responsibilities and discipline to follow through on things that are not fun. Boo, it will not be handed to me magically.

Considering all of that I'm plotting on how those three things, which are the top three bane of my existence, can happen right where we're currently living.

Why does my husband think it's fun to call me and tell me I have a flat tire after we just spent $350 to fix other problems on his car. Thankfully he was at a gas station and able to fill it with air oh but didn't want to be bothered with using his tire gauge to check it's the right pressure. He always tells me these types of stories like they're supposed to be funny little things about life. They're not funny, it causes me a little bit of anxiety at the fact that a) there is probably a hole in the tire and b) that he might have over inflated which if there isn't a whole and it was just low from sitting around for 3 weeks, that he could have a blow out.

Lord just get him home safely and we'll take my car to the movies for the date. We'll ignore the fact that my car needs some minor repairs too.

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