November 30, 2008

November Challenge Wrap Up

NaBloPoMo: Missed a few days and contributed very few meaningful posts. I think after that first day of missing i lost the thrill of the challenge to keep a perfect record.

Art Every Day Month: I did not by any means fulfill my desire to post at least one picture/project a day. I do regret not putting more effort into this monthly project.

National Reading Novel Month: I only posted about the book once. Frankly, i think the second section of the book was rather boring. I only have a few chapters left to finish. Over all i'm not exactly sure what makes this book so amazing except for shock value of the unashamed honest portrayal of a mans obsession with little girls.

I'm not sure what i did in November but it obviously wasn't contributing a great amount of time to all the challenges i signed up for.

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