November 9, 2008

NaNoReMo - Lolita

This post contains spoilers for the book Lolita.

These are just my personal thoughts on the book. This weekend it's kept my attention to the point that i only have 90 pages left to finish it. I think for posts later on this month i'll have to skim sections for things to write about.

Lolita Chpt 1-8 of Section One

1- intro to the girl's name Lolita, which really isn't even her name but a nick name of the main character Humbert.

2 - Bio info on Humbert - is this a hint of foreshadowing that his father sets up his perfume business in America? Humbert uses fate a lot in the book to blame/praise any situation. The main character would probably see it as fate that his father would set up in America for him to later find his Lolita.

3-5 - Covers him meeting a girl named Annabel both are age 12 (13?). This meeting starts the whole obsession for little girls going. It seems because Humbert didn't get to conquer Annabel, he then gets it stuck in his head that that type & age of girl is the ideal girl. He coins the term Nymphet, which according to Humbert is not really a little girl but a girl that is possessed by a demon who is wiser so there for older and negates the fact that the girl is about 12. I believe this new definition is just a way for Humbert to rationalize his perverted desires for young girls.

6- Has a good experience with a young prostitute only to get bold and try to find a young one that is really just a black mail scheme.

Humbert shows escalation in his addiction:
- watches them in the park
- still battles with morality issues
- tries to justify his desire by presenting arguments that it's legal in other countries
- looks for satisfaction in an older girl to help quench his desire for a younger one but doesn't work
- only thing stopping him by end of chp 6 is the legality issue

7 - Because of what happened chp 6 Humbert chooses to get married! I think that's a ridiculous idea. Why do men with addition think it's a good idea to get married? The woman they marry is not the one they really want. It just makes them both miserable.

8- Of course, Humbert seems to think moving to America will further help solve his problem. When really moving to another city rarely, if ever, fixes problems because usually the problem is the person, not the place.

The other issue that comes up is the reveal that his wife is having an affair and is leaving him for the other guy. Humbert is furious at this and my first impression was to be angry at Humbert because he's proving him self to be a pervert and he married her as a desperate act. Didn't realize he was so attached to her. I'd think that in the long run, he'd prefer not to have wife in tow. However, i got to think about it, can a pervert not feel angry at a betrayal? Unless i missed it {correct me if i did} but Hum was faithful in actions but not necessarily thought. Regardless i thought the Hum strong reaction to the breakup was odd because to me it had been portrayed as a loveless situation.

Let me know if you have any thoughts.

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