November 22, 2008

Apartment Living

We're looking to move in a couple of months. Some of the apartment managers thing we're looking a little early considering we can't move in until April 1st. However, we see it as a way figure out now where we want to move and not panic at the last minute and just pick something that might not work.

We're currently looking at our options for places downtown. The first building we looked at was too small, 750 sq ft. i just can't image us and the dogs living in that size of space. We went today to a building along the south water front on the edge of downtown, it's beautiful! It makes you feel sophisticated just walking in. I'm completely sold on the building. Of course i'm curious to find out about their other building opening in April that's in the heart of downtown.

Never thought i'd live downtown. I was pretty sure my husband would never agree to it because he originally said he wouldn't want to. Fast forward a few years and add in a new job that's down there... well, he now loves it and it was his idea to move there.

I'm questioning if we can afford it and this weekend i'm starting plans to figure that out. As i've previously stated money stresses me out so i'm taking it a little bit slow with going through the bills and not freaking out, it is what it is. My husband is all "I think we can do this" - of course he does, Mr. Optimistic-But-Has-No-Plan. So, what i'm trying to say is, i'm willing to take responsibility to figure out how to make this boat float downtown because i think it would be exciting to live down there. Of course if we can't eat, a pretty place to live means squat....

Keep ya'll updated as i figure things out.

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