November 6, 2008

Cat Fight

I went to a casual social thing tonight. I had a little anxiety about it because i'd only know about 2 people and i don't do small talk to strangers well. Turns out a girl that i have legitimate reason to hate was there and doing little things to help the hostess out. She was nice to me! She asks me if i want something to drink and instead of saying f-off, i request a beer. She even comes over and checks on me 2 times through out the couple hours i was there.

She was NICE and i did the socially acceptable thing and put on my smiley mask and was pleasant towards her. I refuse to like her. I will not be won over by her niceness!

p.s. don't drink beer with out food it goes right to the head and causes wild, dramatic thoughts and scenarios to run through it.

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