November 29, 2008


I got all this for $150 dollars today - thankfully thanksgiving sales are all weekend:

- 2 bras {buy 1 get 1 free, that's awesome}
- 2 shirts {one is that popular kelly green, never owned something in this color before!}
- 2 pairs of shoes {casual nice brown, drk purple slip ons}
- 1 pair of jeans {i can only seem to find jeans that fit at Lane Bryant}
- 1 sweat shirt {zip up, bright teal, love it!}
- scarf & hat set {light pink and super soft}

This evening i worked on my sister's birth announcements. Hand writing the addresses, it's going well. Recent pictures were taken of Noel in a white dress and bonnet, super adorable, each one gets a 4x6. Tomorrow is the big day to start printing the announcements. My printer supposedly* prints 4x6 prints just fine and the paper is only a little bigger at 4.5x6.25 - i'm hoping it takes it ok.

*i've never actually tried it.

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