November 3, 2008

Harry Potter backwards

My hubs and i watch a lot of movies. We're currently on a Harry Potter kick, we don't own it so we've been renting them but in reverse order. It's most interesting to watch all the kids getting younger. It's pretty impressive how much they change between movie 4 and 5. Currently watching Chamber of Secrets, i don't really like this one, as i recall it leaves a lot of the book out and in general i don't like Prof. Lockheart.

Also, i just realized it on this watch through, that Harry uses magic every summer and always gets out of the rule "no underage magic out of school". For that matter there is a lot of special treatment for those 3 on all the school rules. Guess it wouldn't be as good if they were not helped along all the time.

Ok, that's it, i've got to get back to the zine pages.

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iHanna said...

Love that you are watching them in reverse! I just saw Sex and the city - oh my how old the girls have become! :-) Time fly!

Thanks for your visit in my blog, take car!