November 13, 2008

Zine Pages

I participate in a group zine every 3 months. The premise of the zine is to have a theme, produce as many pages as players {for example 12 people sign up, i need to create 12 identical pages}. Then i mail the pages to one designated woman who binds them together {with help} and then mails them back to the players. So in the end i have a book of 12 pages, 1 page designed by each person playing. It's a lot of fun and i've been doing it for 4 years... wow, can't believe it's been four years! I missed the first book but i've been in the other 13 books {14 total, there has been fluctuation on how many were made per year}.

I always have fun making the pages. The 14th edition had the theme of Positive/Negative. I had help from my husband with the idea. I had the idea of using film negative but then i couldn't figure out a positive {course now i thought of an actual photo of the other sides negative would have worked but i'm just as excited about this concept}. Then he suggested the use of x-rays, i knew i married him for a reason.

A note on construction:
- Printed the x-ray images {after a little color correction} on transparency paper
- Masking tape to tape the corners
- Office file labels for the titles
- Hand stamped each letter {figured out late but for the positive side i had the bright idea of stamping "positive" all down the sticker sheet before adhering it to the page, i got a lot clearer looking labels for the positive side}

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Leah said...

love the look of the x-rays!!