November 19, 2008

Holiday Stamps 1964

Holiday Stamps 1962

A little inspiration for my Christmas cards. When we were at the coast this weekend we did a little antique shopping. Found a stash of old letters with these great holiday themed stamps. I have the wood type letters of JOY that i'm going to combine with a block print based on one of the stamps. I'm thinking of doing the holly. I've never done a two color print so i'm thinking i'll do two carvings, one for the leaves and another for the berries.

Going to the art store friday to pick up blocks and paper. There is also this gel that can be mixed with the ink to make it transparent, the more added the more transparent. I'm wanting to pick up a little to experiment with.

Months ago i picked up some velvet felt powder that i thought about using on my cards... maybe the holly will be dusted with snow... i'll have to try it.

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