November 7, 2008

Blogging Harry Potter - Sorcerer's Stone

Watched the first HP tonight and a little ways into it i thought it would be fun to blog my thoughts to some things and any dialog i really liked. It got long and doubt it's entertaining but there you have it. I wish blogger offered the "continue reading" option to cut your posts.

Hogwarts Express Train number: 5972

Introduction of Ron & Hermione

Ron: "wicked"

Herm: "you know you've got dirt on your noes, just there."

Every time the characters go to the school its by some new transportation. First years, it's by boat across the lake.

Hufflepuff {they never get any notice}
Raveclaw {barely a little notice than Hufflepuff}

Intro Malfoy the nemesis

Ron: "mental that one, i'm tellin' ya." Ron about Hermione

Oooh first ever scar pain for Harry when he noticed Prof. Snape staring at him. Prof. Snape is also talking to Prof. Quirrell at the same time.

Harry convinces the sorting hat not to put him in Slytherin which will haunt him for the next 2 movies.

Dumbledore: "Let the feast begin" - what you later learn in the books is that house elf's make the food in the kitchen below the dinning hall.

"Nearly headless, how can you be nearly headless."
"Like this" [sr. nick pulls his head off his shoulders]

Intro moving stair cases and moving paintings - both have various degrees of importance from one movie to the next.

Oh, they changed the fat lady painting between the first and the fourth movie.

Ms. McGonagall {who is named after some obscure Scottish poem/tale} - transforms from a cat to her human form. "Then perhaps a map. I trust you don't need one to find your seats"

Prof. Snape: "There will be no foolish wand waving or silly incantations in this class... for those select few you posses the predispositions, i can teach you how to bewitch the mind and ensnare the sense, bottle fame... and even put a stopper in death."

I enjoy the typography and design of the Daily Prophet.

Madam Hooch is introduced but never to be seen again after this movie. She gives flying instructions: place a hand over your broom and firmly say "Up."

Longbottom has an incident with his broom, of course but when his rememberable gets lost it gives the Malfoy and Harry and chance to have their first conflict. It ends well for Harry when he's seen catching the little thing and given the Seeker position on the Quidditch team.

Malfoy says "fat *ss"! I didn't realize there was cussing in the first one.

Oooh Oliver Wood, love his accent!

Fred & George Weasely, funniest twins. "We make sure you don't get bludgeoned to death".

Filch's cat Mrs. Norris - creepy red eyes.

Ron: "That's it, we're done for" - always one for the dramatic.

Herm: "I'm going to bed before either of you come up with another crazy idea to get us killed. Or worse, expelled".
Ron: "She needs to sort out her priorities"

Prof. Quirrell : "TRrrrOoooLL! Troll in the dungeon!" The trio's first challenge to over come. Save Hermione and defeat the troll.

Harry: "Yuck, troll boogies."

Prof. McGonagall: "5 points for each of you for sheer dumb luck!" - which carries them through about half of the things they do.

Ron: "That's not just a broom stick. That's a Nimbus 2000."

Hagrid "Who told you about fluffy?"
Herm: "that thing has a name?!"
Hagrid: "Of course he's got a name."

Hagird: "I should not have said that."

Keyword: Nicholas Flamel

Christmas! Lots of snow that i'm thankful we don't get. Ghosts are caroling. Ron & Harry are playing Wizards chess, a foreshadowing. Ron's brother is in Romania who's working with Dragons there, also a foreshadowing.

Ron: "I think we've been a bad influence on her."

Harry gets his invisibility cloak - i'm still not sure who really gave it to him.

More plot... the mirror that gives neither "knowledge or truth" but shows Harry his most deep desire which is to have his parents back. Again, something that will be brought up to be used in future books. It's amazing all the things J.K. Rowlings linked between one book to the next.

Ta-Da! They figure out what Fluffy is guarding.

Mr.Filch: "At one time detention was you hanging by your thumbs in the dungeons. Oh, i miss the old days."

Herm: "As long as Dumbledore is around you can't be touched" - well, wouldn't you know, he went out of town.

Gees this movie is long...

Ron: "you're a little scary sometimes, brilliant but scary"

Harry, taking it upon himself to protect the object and herm and ron. Don't you think it's odd that a bunch of old, knowledgeable wizards would put spells and blocks up to protect the stone and then first years can come in and do basic magic to get by? Hm, anyone find that convenient? It is nice that each challenge does cater to one of the threes abilities, so with out one of them, all of them couldn't make it.

The larger than life chess set has to be the best one of the movie.

Voldemort: "Ha, bravery! Your parents had it too."

Harry's hands can some how burn Pro. Quirrell's body. What, really, how? Apparently love did it. Harry's mom died trying to save him and gave Harry and special protection of love. This theme is also continued on through the movies.

Things never to be seen again: The awarding of house cup, points taken and given, and those pointy hats they wear at the end.

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