October 26, 2007

November Is Do Everything Month

Finally, I think I have everything set up for National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo)! I switched back to blogger after a short stint with a different blog provider. Oh, why I ever left Google I'll never know...

I have been blogging off and on for several years. Never have I kept a consistent blog but I've started several. Come November I'm taking the challenge to post everyday for the whole month! If you're interested in participating you can sing up - or go through the link badge to the right.

Topics for this challenge won't be a problem. I might struggle more with my aversion to the computer once I'm home from work. Although, our evenings seem to be falling into a nice pattern of come home, cook dinner, husband plays Halo and I turn on the computer and puts around online. I'll do my best to keep this blog up to date.

*** Other Things To Do In November ***

Art Every Day Month - hosted by Creative Every Day.
I like her rules, the guideline is to be creative everyday for the month of November. Although, she still encourages you to be creative even if it's only once a week.

Again, I haven't been consistent with my art either. I am part of an art group that meets weekly to practice drawing and new mediums. Although, I've only been producing about one piece per month if that. I'm going to take this one a little more relaxed and work towards one collage a week with a little photography mixed in.

National Novel Reading Month - NaNoReMo - Hosted by Defective Yeti
This is another bloggers twist on NaNoWriMo but you read a novel and discusses it instead. This years book for the month is Catch22. This will be a new one for me but I've been told I should read it.

I figure that I read a lot anyway and I am currently way behind on the To Be Read challenge I started earlier this year, sooo... why not start a new challenge! If you'd like to participate, grab a copy and follow the syllabus for what chapters to read by when and comment about it on Yeti's site or blog on your own.

We'll see how productive I am this coming month!

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Jeannine said...

Lots of fun things on tap for November! Yay!