December 10, 2004

First Blog Post

Alright, so i've had a screen name on blog since September but this is my first post on my site. I have a feeling this is going to be very addicting. I do have a real web site but it's under construction. It's been that way for a little over a year and half - wow that's sad! Perhaps this holiday season i will touch it.

Christmas is almost here! I've very excited, i get to go home for a whole week! My boyfriend, Matt, should be there for New Years if he buys his plane ticket...

I'm really bored at work today. That is why I chose to create my blog. Technically i could work on my web site too. But the thing with that is i'm still conception how i want it to look. Maybe i'll leave work early today. I do have a lot of homework to do this weekend. Tuesday is my last class for the quarter, yea!

Okay, i'm done.

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