May 4, 2009

Possible New Camera

I currently have a Canon Power Shot A630 and enjoy it. It's small and fits easily into my purse for those short notice shots. The best thing about the camera is the swivel view screen. I heart that feature!
I've had lots of issues with low light situations with out using the flash. It's annoying when 50% of the time the shaky hand icon comes on screen. The camera does allow for manual change of the ISO and shutter speed but then i run into the issue of grainy shots and digitally grain does not look good. I'm not above saying it's user error half the time but even if with help from my photographer husband it's hard getting good shots in low light.

The other downer is that the zoom while it is 4x optical & digital, it's still pretty lame. When I move into the digital zoom the screen goes pixilated and makes it very difficult to know if the shot is still good.

I'm looking to get the Canon Power Shot SX10 IS - it's bigger but has 20x optical zoom and an image stabilizer system which i'm hoping will correct for the formally mentioned problems. Thinking that i'd keep the A360 in my purse but take the SX10 for when i know i'm headed to big events - party, ocean, aquariums/zoo - things like that.

Anyone have any experience with the Canon SX10?

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daisies said...

no idea though i love my canon slrs :-)

also, send me your address because you won my pay it forward :-) xox

Violet said...

whoo hoo! I'll send that now. Thank you!