June 5, 2009

Dreading the Weekend

I've been in denial about the horrible status of my house this week. This weekend something has to be done about it. I'm imagining hours of cleaning in a hot & smelly apartment. I don't know why but it seems i can never get the apartment to smell good. If its not some dog odor, it's a mystery smell in the kitchen, if it's not that it's a dead mouse in a closet.

Gonna see if i can find a good audio book from the library. Maybe if i distract my brain from all the mess i won't mind cleaning it. Or at least be able to clean it with out too much judgmental thought processes.

Two bright spots:
- Seeing Pixar's new movie "UP" with my MIL on Saturday
- Life Couching call Sunday morning

Maybe i can convince the husband to go out tonight, have dinner at a Sweet Tomatoes or something.

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