August 10, 2009

Into a Rental House We Move...

I am filled with such optimism when i think of the rental house we are blessed with renting. It's a split level, 3 bedroom + den, 2.5 bath, 2 car garage and the crowning glory is a fenced backyard for the dogs! I'm also equally excited about having a washer and dryer after 5 years of an on site laundry mat.

The question has been posed to me by a few people about what we're going to do with that much space. At first, it crossed my mind that maybe it was a little selfish to have all this space for 2 people and 2 dogs. Then it occurred to me that the house is everything we've been wanting (except it has carpet and no AC). So, I've come to the conclusion that we're going to love it. I'm going to love being able to spread out. My husband and I each have our own office/studio. The TV will be downstairs in the den so when he stays up late i won't hear him in the bedroom. The dogs will have space outside to burn some energy. We will have SPACE!

The other awesome thing about moving into a house is the quiet we're going to get. No one walking, stomping, running, yelling, throwing, banging, playing, vacuuming above our heads. No more revving car engines right outside our bedroom window. AAaaahhh....

Of course with moving comes packing. I have not even started. There has been planning with the buying of supplies and getting boxes from work. Hubby started packing his office yesterday. Although, today at work i panicked a little bit when i wrote the date. It occurred to me that i only have 2 full weekends and 1 Saturday to get it all done. ALL of it, purging, packing, cleaning and moving. Gotta get going on that!

Is this year going super fast for anyone else? It feels crazy fast to me.

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