March 24, 2013

Highlights of the Past Year

Being an Aunt has been the highlight of this past year plus a side trip to New York.

Christmas of 2009 my older sister & husband announced the pregnancy of their second child. I spent the next nine months hatching a plan to visit the new born. Plans were made for 3 weeks travel to start mid September, not only to Texas but New York and later Kentucky. 

The New York leg of the trip was first. I was able to visit with my mom and step-dad who live in Upstate New York, which is absolutely beautiful. It was shocking how much I had defined the whole state by a teeny-tiny portion of it that i'd only seen portrayed in movies. The hills and greenery and natural beauty of the area was wonderful. We spent 2 afternoon in New York City, it was exactly how the hype makes it out to be - huge, loud, gorgeous, and unimaginable to say you've seen it all. For pictures of overwhere I go to go here: .

From NY I arrived in Texas and met up with my husband who had flown in to spend the next week visiting. We were able to visit the State Fair for the first time as a couple and blew him away with the size and the Flecher Cornydogs.

Of course the main point of this trip was to meet Sean, the new addition, an addorable little boy.

The additional good news we received was the announcement of my brother & his wife having their first child together {she has a daughter from a previous marriage}. We were all excited.

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