September 8, 2005

Packaging Printing

Changing one thing into another - turning a flat sheet of paper into a glued, folded, more complext structure.

Think about bleeds - if a letter head has a 2 bleed edge they're going to have to use larger sheets of paper

Any kind of show through special thing- embossing, letterpress
(seattle envelope company - has pdfs of dies on their site)

Specialty Process -
Not for large runs - maybe 10s of thousands.

Lithographic Methods:
1) Thermography - wet ink gets a thermo powder and then dried - waxy w/ raised texture - if folded it will crack
Can get thermo powder at craft stores - best using inkjet printers or wet soluable inks and brushing water on it - put powder on and then heat w/ iron.

2) Varnishing- after printing method
gives a different sheen to a section of paper - only works well on coated papers
Graphic Arts Monthly - has varnish and stacato printing
Comping for varnish - usually a spot color is placed over the area to be varnished

1) Letterpress - traditional w/ lead type
sometimes wood type
most popular - magnizim (lastlonger & get more detail) or polimar

2) Foil Stamping -
uses heat to transfer the foil to the paper
no easy way to comp foil
can not do fine detail, thin script or halftone
to compt metal ink - buy Pearl-x mix with matt medium and paint over for metal ink

3) Embossing
a) damentinal - most expensive - needs a positive and a negative plates
b) embossing or debossing - copper plates - can easily print and then embossing
comping an emboss - file folder, cut design (through both layers) with really sharp blade, place paper over the cut, using a burnisher rub around the edges. Use a wide tipped burnirsher

uses an etched plate - great for high detail work
doesn't ware down fast

Scoring, perfing, and die cutting:
Scoring - can happen through a di cutting machine or done with a scoring wheel - always done on the out side of the fold
Perfing - micro and standard - on die machine or perfing wheel
Die Cutting - template that its going to take to get a specific shape - easy to speck: solid black line on a dif. layer
Lazer Cutting - can get great details cut out

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