September 8, 2005

binding 9-8-05

Saddle-Stitch Binding
- Signatures or spreads
- Opened and draped over saddle
- Stapled or sewn along the spine
- Lays Flat
- Signature Creep with long publications
- Really inexpensive

Perfect (Glue) Binding
- loose sheets or signatures
- usually stacked, milled and glued
- cover is applied to the glued spine
- Can sometimes print on the spine
- can lose content in the gutter
- Variety of binding methods...
- Expensive
- grinding process allows more glue to go between the signatures
- from the spine about 1/8th inch in there is a score becuase of the glue seeping over.

Punch Binding
Comb-binding Wire Spiral-Binding, Wire O binding
- Allows for full bleeds
- Reguires four-edge trim from signatures
- Easy for loose-sheets
-Punched holes block gutter content

Side-Stitching Binding
-Signatures or Loose Sheets
-Stapled or sewn along the side of the spine
-Doesn't lay flat
-Content easily lost in the gutter

Screw & Post Binding
-Loose sheets & Signatures
- Good For changing content
- Expandable
-Doesn't lay flat
- Content easily lost in the gutter

Tape Binding
-Loose Sheets & Signature
- Book lays flat
- Not very durable
- Inexpensive
- Weakest method of binding

Cold cure glue method - PVA
Hot cured glues - liquid when hot and hard when cold

Channel Binding
-Loose sheets & signature
-Doesn't lay flat
-Content easily lost in gutter
- a metal channel is usually squeezed over the block (clamping them together)

Case Binding
- Puts "hard-cover" on book-block
- block can be sewn or glued
- most durable
- most expensive
-need to start with a pre-bound book block

Smith- Sawn Binding (in text book)
-New method
- mix of case and perfect
- will lay relatively flat
- flexable covers that are stiff

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