August 25, 2005

Print Production 8.25 Due Week 9

Text book - can have some images but text heavy.

Multipage layout for a first act or 16 pages of a shakespear play.
( - on class website)
This will be a script
Title pages
Character list
Have room for notes in margines
No larger then 5x7
at least 16 pages
have to use master pages & style sheets

Turn in:
Printer Files
Printed page that has a diagram of the parent sheet of the paper i might run it on - impositioned page. If it's 17x22 how would i lay it out.
go to notes
need room for trim
best w/ smallest amount of waist

Master Pages: Template - puts the grid on all the pages
- Shift will select both left and right master pages
- Can make more then one master page style
- if a page is A and want it B you can drag and drop a B master page on top
- any graphic on a master page will appear on all the other pages
-good for header and footers - folios

Automatic Page Number
comand+option+N inside a text box on a master page

Text Fill:
If you have a huge area of text you can click on the Red Plus sign and then click on the margin of the next page and fill the margin area with text.

Style Sheets:
Character Styles - Just the font settings
- have to highlight text and apply a style to it - it will over ride any paragraph style.
- have to have the text highlighted to apply the style.

Paragraph styles - contain character info and paragraph settings
- tabs
- indents
Only have to have the curser in the text box to apply a paragraph style

They made them separate becuase sometimes you need two character settings within a paragraph style.

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