January 31, 2008

Still Breathing

E-gads! What a couple of weeks it’s been. Good news is; it's all good news. I have been busy busy busy with art projects. I some how think i will steal time away between Saturday and Sunday to make a great post update with pictures. Also, post my collaged page about coffee cups for Overlooked and take a picture of one of my collections for the second project.

Anywho, the newsiest news is that my brother and his wife have been in town this past week. Well, really my bro came in on Thursday and s.i.l came in on Sunday. Monday we all went ot the beach after it had snowed the night before. It was a little intense driving through the mountains but hubs did a great job. I did take some pictures of the snow covered trees* but i haven't had time to get them off my camera to check if they're too blurry.

*snow covered tress - what song has that as part of a lyric? "and the land slide will take you down, hmm mmm, what is love...." should google it.

The s.i.l is huge into thrift store shopping and thankfully i had figured out a few areas in Portland that had shops - i don't know if they were particularly good but she seemed pleased to have something to do yesterday while the guys gamed all day and I worked. On a side note i found a great find on Tuesday night when she and I were able to hit one store before closing. It's a stamp stand for old rubber stamps, you know the kind stuck to wooden handles. I'll post a picture. It was exciting for me because i'm not usually into thrifting. I can't stand digging through clothes that might fit and i don't really need any more trinkets in my house but it is fun to look and exciting to find something i can actually use. She usually picks up jewelry, old soda bottles (they have a large collection) and the occasional piece of clothing.

She also makes beaded jewelry and was in love that there are several here in Portland. Next time she comes she wants a complete day to go from store to store. I say, more power to ya but after the first few i might find a cafe to read in while you shop. Although, i'm pleased, we did go into this one store and i picked out a few beads that she's going to make into string book marks for me. She's taking the "main beads" i picked out and will accompany them with accent ones for the ends of the string. She is really good with colors.

Gaming is all the two guys did this entire week! I swear i'm going to make them buy headphones for the sound the next time they're in town. For 6 days straight nothing but gun sounds could be heard at night. I felt a little crazy by Monday night. Although Tuesday night i missed most of it and last night i was in bed by the time they got back from a movie to play. My s.i.l. and i watched "Because I Said So" at home while the guys went and watched "Rambo" at the theater.

Over all it was great seeing them and we had a few really good laughs together. Although, I've learned about my self is that i don't like having house guests with one bathroom and in an apartment. It's amazing how i never feel like i'm in a routine but as soon as other people stay there how quickly i don't feel like i can move smoothly in my own home. Plus I think our apartment is too small for 4 people and 2 dogs and only 1 common area that has a TV blaring gun fire.

Next up... All about art with pictures

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rhon said...

Wow. Your brother is married. I did not know that. I'm going to have to quit reading your blog if you're going to make me feel old.

Violet said...

You crack me up! He got married in May '06, 3 months before me.