June 16, 2008

From Texas with Love

Made it in at about 10am Sunday from Texas and a week long visit with family. My baby niece is amazing! I didn't take nearly as many pictures as i should have. At 3 weeks she is very squirmy when awake and usually swaddled when asleep so those little feet didn't get into many shots.

This trip was very emotional for me. I usually have one good cry on the last day about having to go back. However, this trip it started with crying when i first met Noel and then during the whole week I couldn't think to hard about leaving again with out tearing up. It's hard to think that i'll be the long distance aunt, even though i have a better relationship with my aunts now that i'm miles away then i did when i lived 30 minutes... but it's more the fact that i won't get to raise my kids along side my siblings and their children like i was. Thankfully, my siblings like to travel!

I should mention that my husband has been bitten by the baby bug, LOL! He said he's not ready right this second but in a couple of years. That's an improvement considering we were saying maybe in four. I'm glad he still wants to wait - i'm not ready at all!

What was really nice about this trip was reconnecting with childhood friends. I got to meet up with one at her home and her 2 adorable children (her son sings quite nicely at 3 yrs old). I went to the bridal shower of another and visited with her family who i had not seen in years! At the shower i was surprised to see a mutual childhood friend and we talked a lot about life and being married. It's great to reconnect!

The pictures are still in my camera. I haven't had much interest in sitting at the computer when i get home from work this week. I'll get them out soon, promise.

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