June 20, 2008


Who knew going to the grocery store was good fodder for the blog.

Yesterday evening I swung by a local chain grocery store to pick up two things. I get to the check out stand and place the rubber gloves and blue ink pens on the belt. It occurred to me that those seem like the two most opposite things you could buy together because they're rarely, if ever, used together. Then started to wonder what odd combos the check out clerks see, not that they probably cared to keep track.

I was quite surprised to find non-latex heavy rubber gloves because normally it's only those horrid yellow ones. I'm hoping they don't smell as bad. I can't stand the way the cheap ones make my hands smell but i tolerate it because i have a higher dislike of touching dirty dishes. If anyone knows of some great rubber gloves please let me know!

The pens were just so i could have some nice pens in the house again. Somehow I can only seem to find 1 or 2 good pens at a time and then i lose them again. Last night i didn't feel like hunting one down.

The other thing i found humors was in the parking lot of the store. I was turning out from a row onto another one that runs in front of the store. It was one of those awkward moments where people are walking out and they look like they're going to cross but keep walking beside the building instead. So, i go ahead and complete my turn slowly but then the two guys who are dressed in army fatigues go ahead and start moving to cross the street. I stop and then they do that half walk half jog to hurry and get across. I found it ironic that these two men may have or will face things much more dangerous then getting hit by a car but they still hurry to get out of the way. They were probably trying to be nice but still found it a little ironic.

It should also be noted that i used the pens last night but not the gloves.... Saturday maybe i'll use them. Tonight my husband and i are actually going on a date to dinner and a movie, by our selves! I'm looking forward to it.

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