June 20, 2008

Fortune Cookie bed


Who knew going to the grocery store was good fodder for the blog.

Yesterday evening I swung by a local chain grocery store to pick up two things. I get to the check out stand and place the rubber gloves and blue ink pens on the belt. It occurred to me that those seem like the two most opposite things you could buy together because they're rarely, if ever, used together. Then started to wonder what odd combos the check out clerks see, not that they probably cared to keep track.

I was quite surprised to find non-latex heavy rubber gloves because normally it's only those horrid yellow ones. I'm hoping they don't smell as bad. I can't stand the way the cheap ones make my hands smell but i tolerate it because i have a higher dislike of touching dirty dishes. If anyone knows of some great rubber gloves please let me know!

The pens were just so i could have some nice pens in the house again. Somehow I can only seem to find 1 or 2 good pens at a time and then i lose them again. Last night i didn't feel like hunting one down.

The other thing i found humors was in the parking lot of the store. I was turning out from a row onto another one that runs in front of the store. It was one of those awkward moments where people are walking out and they look like they're going to cross but keep walking beside the building instead. So, i go ahead and complete my turn slowly but then the two guys who are dressed in army fatigues go ahead and start moving to cross the street. I stop and then they do that half walk half jog to hurry and get across. I found it ironic that these two men may have or will face things much more dangerous then getting hit by a car but they still hurry to get out of the way. They were probably trying to be nice but still found it a little ironic.

It should also be noted that i used the pens last night but not the gloves.... Saturday maybe i'll use them. Tonight my husband and i are actually going on a date to dinner and a movie, by our selves! I'm looking forward to it.

June 16, 2008

From Texas with Love

Made it in at about 10am Sunday from Texas and a week long visit with family. My baby niece is amazing! I didn't take nearly as many pictures as i should have. At 3 weeks she is very squirmy when awake and usually swaddled when asleep so those little feet didn't get into many shots.

This trip was very emotional for me. I usually have one good cry on the last day about having to go back. However, this trip it started with crying when i first met Noel and then during the whole week I couldn't think to hard about leaving again with out tearing up. It's hard to think that i'll be the long distance aunt, even though i have a better relationship with my aunts now that i'm miles away then i did when i lived 30 minutes... but it's more the fact that i won't get to raise my kids along side my siblings and their children like i was. Thankfully, my siblings like to travel!

I should mention that my husband has been bitten by the baby bug, LOL! He said he's not ready right this second but in a couple of years. That's an improvement considering we were saying maybe in four. I'm glad he still wants to wait - i'm not ready at all!

What was really nice about this trip was reconnecting with childhood friends. I got to meet up with one at her home and her 2 adorable children (her son sings quite nicely at 3 yrs old). I went to the bridal shower of another and visited with her family who i had not seen in years! At the shower i was surprised to see a mutual childhood friend and we talked a lot about life and being married. It's great to reconnect!

The pictures are still in my camera. I haven't had much interest in sitting at the computer when i get home from work this week. I'll get them out soon, promise.

June 5, 2008


I feel restless in a lot of ways.

I am dissatisfied with several things.

I would like to explore some change.

June 2, 2008

Monday - slow build up from bad to good

Monday started out badly, really it all started Sunday night when my husband ended up having to work an hour later than normal which caused me to fall asleep and miss saying good night.

Was enjoying my breakfast at home {go me} when my phone went off at 7:15am. It was my company's printers - not completely unexpected because i did have a press check today. Oops turns out it was at 7am and they forgot to tell me! I told them sorry but i can't get there any faster then an hour {had to wrap up my lunch & it takes me 45min to get there - bonus go me for packing lunch}. The whole way there i was annoyed even though i was rockin' out to OK GO i kept playing out defensive arguments i would have with the press men and then my boss. Turns out everyone was cool/didn't care.

Walked in the door at work and was informed that the Xerox tech would be in this afternoon. Ok, what's wrong? The paper catch tray broke off! Apparent the machine really can malfunction and not tell it self that the catch tray is full until it's too late and the weight of the paper makes it snap off. Now, i could make some snide remark about why didn't the guys on shift notice that the paper was full and move it off? I could but then some day it will probably happen to me and i wouldn't want to be called a moron when it's really the machines fault.

Turning point - my sister sent me pictures of Noel sleeping - awww her little mouth was slightly open. One can not stay in a bad mood with baby pictures of their niece. Way excited that i leave on Saturday to go see her!

This afternoon i was feeling a little weird - i think it was having too much cheese with lunch but i digress... and wishing i didn't have a gym training session right after work. What happens an hour later? I get a phone call from my trainer saying he needs to reschedule! Excellent - so now i can go home and feel weird which is so much better then trying to do leg lifts on a bad stomach.

I think i might rewatch Mad Money tonight. I know, you wouldn't think it was a good movie but it's funny and clever. Plus the song that plays on the main menu and i think the credits is very catchy.