May 1, 2010

Look Up

The theme for May at NaBloPoMo is Look Up and i've chosen to participate this month. It is an apt theme for me because on Thursday I got laid off from my job of 3.5 years. There is nothing like being pushed out of a comfort zone to re-exam what i want to be doing. This was the end of my first traditional 8-5, cubical farm, with benefits & 401K job after college and so I imagine I can only go up from here.

With it only being about 60 hours since i got the news the most enlightening thought i've had is that; this is the most free time I've had since childhood. Especially considering the past 9 years has included a combination of college (year round), homework and work (worked part-time in school & then full after.) I know I will spend a fair amount of time looking for a new job but i'm pretty excited about having time & energy for some personal projects that have been stewing away for ages.

If you're participating in NaBloPoMo for May let me know, i'll come visit.

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Jeannine said...

I'm sorry about your job. Sounds like you have a very healthy outlook about the situation. I send you good wishes as you explore your options and enjoy some down time.