May 6, 2010


Sister's text message to me:  "27, right?"
Me: "Yep. Weird huh?
Sister: "Very"

That pretty much sums up how i'm feeling about turning 27, very close to 30. Thirty feels a little bit like a looming deadline but for what i'm not exactly sure.

Tonight I saw How To Train Your Dragon in 3D - it was very good all the way around. Enjoyed the plot, the way they dragons were designed, the voice acting, the 3D treatment. Highly recommended.

I'm off to the beach for the next few days. The dogs are going with us but we have little dogie sedatives for Z who is a crazy ball of anxiety in the car. She is so filled with anxiety the drugs don't even make her sleep but at least make it tolerable for her to sit there and not fight against her dog seat belt or whine & bark the whole 3 hour trip. We're bringing raw hide and treats & her favorite ball to play with on the beach to make up for the car ride.

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