December 10, 2007

12 Days

Only 12 days left till we lift off and are in Texas. I'm excited but mostly feel behind in all my shopping and preparation for Christmas. Whats worse is that I'm sick today and I don't think I can get up off this couch.

We don't have a tree yet either. We were suppose to go get one yesterday but we were at hubs parents visiting with his brother that just got back into town from 3 months in Italy. It was a nice visit and I was starting to get sick that afternoon, all the body aches and stuff. Anyway, between work and it getting dark at 4p we might just have to forgo cutting it our selves and buying one precut with lights in the lot or wait until next Sunday and enjoy it for 4 days before we go. I'm suppose to unpack the ornaments and send my moms to her in NY, sorry mom but you might get them in time for New Years.

This year its also been really weird for gifts. Its been hard to figure out what to get my family and i'm still missing a few people. Its also been really hard to tell people what we're wanting because most of the things we need are more expensive then their budgets. I've noticed a trend in the past few years of the gift exchanges becoming smaller and less important which is nice. I'm hoping by next year we can just draw names instead of having to do the whole family. I've really enjoyed that with my in-law family.

Mostly I want to arrive into town and veg out with my family and not think about anything serious.

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