December 15, 2007

Christmas Update

Let the panic set in!

Video clip from Flushed Away, funny movie.

I still have several projects to finish before Friday! I should have taken the whole week off from work too, LOL. No but really, I'll just be a busy bee every night leading up to the departure.

I did get some shopping done thanks to a few great shops up at Etsy:
Photo Glassworks
ilee papergoods
SunlitLetterpress - picked up a card for my sister here but it seems they're out of stock but it says "A Bun in the Oven", cute.

Christmas Exit - five days and counting!

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rhon said...

I was home bound for the entire month of December so I HAD to do my shopping online. I bought at least half of it from Etsy. I used Photo Glassworks also and KeelyB and LeahPellegrini.