February 16, 2008


In excellent timing the ACEO I purchased from Jeannine arrived on Valentines day. Isn't it cute? Plus as a bonus she sent a magnetic button!

This ACEO and all the ones she's made and making for the month of February will be for sale at her Esty shop Boodzoo Studio. The cost of the card goes to the USO Operation Phone Home, they provide phone calling cards to those in the armed services so they can call their loved ones and families from anywhere in the world.

I highly recommend going to her blog Art Play Possibility to find out more about what she's up to for the month of February. Also, she's on a mission to make an Artist Trading Card every day until her husband comes back home from his duties as a marine in a year!

A few weeks ago I run into my local craft store for a few things. Turns out they were having this craft fair inside the store. There were different projects set up in all the different areas of the store. After making a crafty paper frame for a photo I wondered into the fabric area. They happened to be making cloth cupcakes from felt as the cake part and fabric pulled into yoyos for the icing. They were promoting this little plastic circle that makes it way easy to make the yoyos. I didn't buy it, if I had I would have also purchased a tone of fabric. I love fabric I just don't sow...yet.

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