July 3, 2008

4:00 AM

I was so pleasantly asleep until 4:00 AM when this HUGE rumble sound echos in the bedroom. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised that not only did we get not 1 but 2 thunderstorms in a week!

When we were heading out to bed around 11, there was far away lightening and thunder. Couldn't see the lightening streaks just that it would light up the cloudy sky. A tiny soft rumble would happen next.

By 4:00 it was in full force right over the apartment. The lightening was so bright that even with my eyes closed i could tell when it went off. I guess i should explain that because we have no a/c we have our windows and blinds open for air circulation from fans.

The rain was pouring down but great sounding. It's not often you hear hard rain here but i love it when i do! The loud thunder didn't last but for about 4 rumbles and then it quieted it self down just a little.

It was a little distracting to go back to sleep but at the same time perfect weather to stay cozy in bed. I should report that our dogs handled it beautifully, no barking or going crazy.

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