July 23, 2008

Leap Frog Through the Years

20 Years Ago:
I don't clearly remember but i'm sure playing with my older sister and younger brother. Maybe starting my first year being taught at home. Met for the first time a neighbor girl that would be my best friend for the next 15 years and thankfully a good friend after that.

15 Years Ago:
I clearly remember my tenth birthday party with family members. My mom made an ice cream cake. I was wearing this one piece jumpsuit that was pink with white dots - turns out my aunt had purchased the same outfit but purple - i had no qualms about having both colors in my wardrobe.

This was also when things started noticing things not being so great between my parents.

10 Years Ago:
My parents had been divorced a few years and i was living with my mom.
I started dating in jnr high and it was fun but of course drama filled.
My sister got engaged - very exciting.

5 Years Ago:
- I was living with my dad and his wife, her daughter and my brother.
- Getting over my first real heart break. If i think about him too much it still stings a little which makes me irritated because i should be way over it.
- Finish school to graduate summer of 2003 with my associates in graphic design and lovin' it.
- Plotting and planning my great escape to Oregon for more school but this time for a b.s. That includes a great road trip that i still need to write about.

3 Years Ago:
This year was all about family and growth and changes:
- I was living in Oregon and more college - lovin' oregon more than school.
- I got engaged!
- My mom and step-dad moved up to Oregon and in with me.
- Got 2 crazy cattle dogs
- My step-sister got married and i got to go back to be a bridesmaid
- My brother got engaged
- My cousin passed away suddenly and rocked the family hard {this cousin was the same age as me}

1 Year Ago:
- Celebrated my 1 year anniversary with my husband at the ocean (my fav. place).
- Danced, jumped up and down, celebrated with the news of my older sister's first pregnancy.
- Cut the top of my left foot that gave me a quarter inch scar - i'm thinking of getting a tattoo over it if i can {it's close to a big vain} and if i get the nerve up.

Yesterday I:
- Tried to go to work in my car but it wouldn't start. The tumblers inside the ignition wouldn't catch with the key.
- Talked to my sister and heard my tiny niece scream in the background that ended the conversation, lol.
- Observed my 2nd year anniversary by waiting up for my husband to come from work before i fell asleep. Thankfully, we're going away this weekend. I did receive some beautiful roses and the sweetest card.

Today I:
- Doddle at work
- Finished a zine page for a group project
- Geeked out when i remembered some html code for tweaking a blog

Tomorrow I Will:
- Go try to get my car fixed
- Work on a different project that's on my plate
- Read blogs

In the next 5 years:
I will own a house, have a career i enjoy, still be living in oregon and have a closer relationship with my husband.

I should add that i picked up this meme from Daisies

7 What do you think?:

Claire said...

I just did the same meme! Isn't it fascinating to look back?


I AM said...

Happy belated anniversary and have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful weekend away!!

Violet said...

Claire, it is good to look back!

Thanks I AM =)

daisies said...

how wonderful : )

design for mankind. said...

Oh I love this game! :) So good to get to know you better. ;)

iHanna said...

Fun meme, I agree, I think it's good to look back like that and try to appriciate the now.:-)

M said...

I love this post. I enjoy reading how people change over the years, the events that influenced them and what they hope to achieve in future.