August 7, 2008

Hi Everybody!

I didn't intend to take such a long break from the blog but such is life. This past week i was in one tired, cranky with small breaks of sunshine mood. Plus a little busy with a few social events and a freelance gig.

Today i feel awesome! My husband got back into town last night after a week of being away. I had missed him but didn't realize what horrible sleep i was getting until last night. I slept great! A couple of odd dreams but i woke up this morning rested. I love my sleep people and apparently i get really good sleep when i know my man is home.

So, I still have photos to post of our anniversary get away. Also a funny video of the dogs.

Now, a quick story about Sunday. Me and a friend when to another friend's house. This house is sitting on a mountain and it's beautiful and relaxing to be there! Our plans were to get together and be creative but we only got an hour into it before we abandon the picnic table for the kitchen and more food. It was the BEST time! Homemade strawberry jelly and freezer jam on homemade biscuits is just good soul food.

One of the best items i was introduced to was a tea. Both friends are big into teas and i'm only really into ice tea and the occasional hot. Well.... i was convinced to try this black tea called Yorkshire Gold - it's amazing!! It has a full body and rich taste especially with a little bit of milk and a dash of sugar. On Monday morning i was craving it like my normal cup of morning coffee, it was that tasty! Apparently, it's considered an expensive tea but i figure if i just paid $12.95 for a pound seasonal type of coffee - i can afford $5.99 for a box of 40 tea bags. Disclaimer: I only googled the link to the online store, i have not ordered from them before. I'm told you can find the tea in most speciality tea shops.

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