August 28, 2008


This morning was the first successful carpooling trip for my husband and I. Sure, we've only done one leg of the trip but it was smooth. We even took the highways all the way into downtown with out traffic, how odd is that? It was about 7:20 by the time we hit the main freeway that is usually slow so it's not like it was super early. I'll stop commenting on it so maybe it will happen again tomorrow.

M. started his new job downtown and it's going to work out great. The hard part is getting into a morning routine. We both at 6:15 were grumbling about getting up. For me it was mostly the fact that it's not even September and it's already gray out at 6:15am - what happened to the sun? I'm not ready for shorter days yet. Don't miss the heat but i need my sun. I'm considering buying one of these lamps that simulates a sunrise and can play mp3 music to wake up to.

The trip was also really nice because we got to do a little talking and a little hand holding and it felt like a bit of the good life before walking into an office all day. I was afraid that i'd miss my alone commute to rock out to what i wanted and i probably will but not this morning. Plus i still got 15min by my self after i dropped him off.

Here's to good changes!

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